Bright Ideas Art Space, Woodstock

I had such a beautiful art experience this week at the Bright Ideas Art Space in Woodstock that I MUST encourage you to go visit the studio! I’ve done art all my life. I started playing the recorder when I was 5 and continued to do music (in various forms) until matric. I also always did art and won the art prize when I was in standard 5! My art teacher Mrs De Jager was the best. One of those teachers that made learning about principle not talent. I continued by passion for art in high school although my pictures were never really well received. LOL!


Although my art was questionable, it didn’t kill my passion. My folks took me to the Musee Dorsay and the Louvre in Paris and well as the National Gallery in London. I still continue to love art, hence why I visited the Tate Modern in London when I visited in 2013. So when I was invited to attend an art class by the Bright Ideas studio, I could NOT resist! And it was everything that’s always made me love art.

IMG_2837IMG_2840 IMG_2844IMG_2849 IMG_2865

Run by the hugely talented South African/British artist Ross Chowles (Executive Creative Director, The Jupiter Drawing Room), the Bright Space is filled with pops of colour, open space and all the accessories one needs to enjoy and be creative. We were offered a drink and some snacks which I was SURE would improve my art work 😉

A circle of easles were set up around a fruit still life, nothing fancy, something colourful with simple shapes to encourage first time (and out of practice) artists to give it a go. We were given a palate of oil colours, numerous brushes, turps and were let lose on the canvas. It’s incredible how everyone’s art works came out! All completely different! That’s the beauty of art and creativity, it’s always unique.

IMG_2842  IMG_2845  IMG_2856  IMG_2852

Ross suggested that we be bold and try something different. I thought doing my art piece in complimentary colours would be bold and fun. Didn’t work out that well! But I still had an absolute blast. I was sorry to waste the oil paint at the end. Seems a bit silly but it’s almost like you’re just seeing potential throw away. Ross asked us to scoop everything onto a palate and that made me feel a lot better! LOL! Am I totally weird?! Probably hehe 🙂


We then put all out paintings together and compared them. Compared is a bit of a loaded statement, more like simply seeing what everyone did and highlighting the strengths. It’s 100% not a competition.

IMG_2857   IMG_2864IMG_2862

The studio has inspiration views over the foreshore above Woodstock as well as a glimpse of the mountain from the kitchen. Positioned opposite the Biscuit Mill, it’s the perfect place to drop your kids on a Saturday morning for an art class. It’s a wonderful space and I believe will have great value for Cape Town. I also took my boyfriend along and it was a great date! We both had a chance to revisit our past love for art which was a great bonding experience.

Please check out the Bright Create Space on Twitter or join them the Bright Day Facebook page.

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