[REVIEW] Lefty’s Dive Bar, Jan 14

Lefty's Dive BarI’ve literally told so many people about Lefty’s since I was there that I almost don’t have the energy to write this post, HOWEVER, I can’t let a good thing down so I will muster up a “few” words. 😉

It started when I saw Natalie Roos‘ Tweet, “My favourite food is everything at Lefty’s.” I’d already heard about Lefty’s food as the owner had come from Hello Sailor in Observatory. Also known as “Black Rabbit” at bass party Cold Turkey. So I was happily surprised when my friend invited me along to Lefty’s this past weekend and keen to try some of the cuisine.

Dining room with illuminated Caltex sign on wallLefty’s doesn’t seem like much from the outside. It’s merely an open door with a blue and pink fluorescent sign hanging above the entrance. Upon stepping inside though, I felt at home. It reminded me of places in Luderitz, Namibia, where tiles line deep set walls. I love old buildings updated for modern use. With a seated area to the left and an old school Caltex sign lighting the room and large bar stretching down the right, Lefty’s feels warm and unique. The kinda place where time doesn’t matter too much because you just don’t care.

Lefty's Dive Bar KitchenThe kitchen is a small hub hugging the bar where the chef and cook work flat out whilst the owner expodites and the bar lady keeps the drinks flowing. This is the kind of place that I want to support. A place where people give a shit. Plain and simple. Where people are passionate about offering something unique and delicious. You can always taste the love in food.

The food is predominantly American and American done right. Smoked ribs, pulled pork, fried chicken, rib burgers, burgers, etc. 

Lefty's Pulled Pork Sandwich

I ordered a pulled pork sandwich and my friend ordered the fried chicken, maple syrup waffles. Both available for R55. Are you kidding me? The same price as burger take outs except made with fresh ingredients and the passion of those involved? You can’t go wrong. Upon biting the pulled pork I immediately recognised a subtle smoked flavour. I like smoked but I’m not overly obsessed with it. In this instant it was incredibly delicate, just enough to shine over the accompaniments. Apparently the pork is smoked for a few hours and then braised for a few more. You can TASTE this care and effort in the food. For R55! It’s laughable.

The deep fried, chicken, maple syrup waffles were intriguing but I eat maple syrup, bacon and French toast fairly often so I knew it was a combination that could work, however, I wasn’t sure how the chicken was battered and how it would work.

Lefty's Chicken Maple Waffles

Beautifully. Of course. This is the standard Lefty’s is setting. Again for R55. They could literally add another R15 -R25 on eat of these meals and I’d be happy to pay it. Why have a King Steers and Chips over restaurant quality food for the same price?!

With Hunters’ Dry at R18 and Tafel at R16, the bar is really well priced. Most bars now charge more than R20 for a Hunter’s Dry which just means the bartender loses out as I refuse to pay more than R20 for a cider that I know is +- R9 a bottle in the liquor store (and they’re paying their rent, electricity and wages too). Oh, and our food took a bit long so the bar lady gave us a free Jagermeister (not that we’d even complained!).

I highly recommend visiting Lefty’s if you want to support people who are providing fresh, delicious food unlike anywhere else in Cape Town.

Lefty's Bar

Fantastic above home style food for prices that, like I said, are laughable. I hope Lefty’s continues to pursue their current attitude towards food: fresh, seasonal and cooked with passion. If they do so, this place CAN’T go wrong.

Find Lefty’s in Harrington Street, Cape Town CBD or join the Lefty’s Facebook Page to keep up to date with their menus.

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