[VIDEO] Sublime Tribute Show 2014, 10.01.14

Last Friday night saw the legendary Sublime Tribute show 2014 come into “play” at Mercury Live. When I arrived, it was looking a little quiet which surprised me as the show was sold out. But in true Cape Town form everyone was just late irrespective of the fact the event said the band would start at 9:30pm SHARP! Good ol’ Capetonians!


None the less, the Sublime Tribute show, now in its third year is always a fantastic night where Cape Town ska, rock, punk and reggae bands join forces to play a night of pure Sublime music. And I mean the band, not the adjective! Mercury was packed by 11pm and this year the band played 3 sets instead of one long gig. I think this worked really well as it allowed people to go to the bar, pop to the loo without fear of missing any of the action.


The bands had rehearsed thorough before the event and I felt it was a far more polished production than it had been last year, however, I was almost a touch sorry. Sublime is all about scruffy, skateboarding, dog loving, beer drinking, Californian living which spilled into the music. Although the performance was better this year, I kinda missed the dirty edge of the Sublime Tribute Show 2013.


Bands including 7th Son, Alive at Midnight, Grassy Park, Peachy Keen, to name the few I know, merged for a night of pure ska-American punk pleasure. Thanks for all their hard work and for another great night out. Here’s to the Sublime Tribute show 2015? 🙂




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