[DOWNLOAD] Van Coke Kartel: Riviere, Free Now:

Van Coke Kartel RiviereRiviere is Cape Town rock band Van Coke Kartel’s latest single and is currently climbing campus radio charts nation-wide.  This song is not available on Bloed, Sweet & Trane (2013). ,As a ‘thank you’ to their supporters, the band is giving away Riviere today on the Van Coke Kartel website.

It’s 7 years down the line for Van Coke Kartel who are having another year of success after walking away with a SAMA Award for Best Rock Album (Bloed, Sweet & Trane), Ghoema Awards for Best Group and Best Rock Album (Bloed, Sweet & Trane) and an MK Award for Best Afrikaans Group. They also recently worked with Seether for 5FM’s Smashlab colab project on a single called Goodnight Tonight, available on Seether’s album Isolate and Medicate.

Van Coke Kartel

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