A Terrific Cook Off with Nutrific!

This September I had my DREAM influencer activity! Great people + food + fun = happiness! I was invited to participate in the Nutrific #1000Ways Cooking challenge, facilitated by chef Matt Manning, who has had his One Ingredient nights running in Cape Town for a few years. The Nutrific #1000Ways truly was a challenge because breakfast is my least favourite meal of the day. I don’t like milk so I don’t drink coffee and I don’t eat cereal. I’m not big on yoghurt and hate egg yellows. So, I knew it would be FUN (if not a bit crazy) to do a breakfast challenge that was real.


Mr John and I arrived at 7th Floor Innovative in Black River Park early in the morning (another challenge – morning traffic!) and met the Matt and Dale, brand manager for Nutrific. We had a glass of orange juice and waited for everyone else to arrive before being formally welcomed, and taught a little bit about Nutrific.


Next! The food challenge! I was so excited for this, but we were up against PROPER cooks and chefs!!! Kamini and Claire Allen, from Masterchef South Africa, Claire Roberta from Take the Cake and a few other foodies were there. But, it really was all in good fun and there wasn’t any pressure to make anything that would win a Michelin star! From the get-go, Mr John and I had a master plan – Bacon ice cream sandwiches, so we got cooking!


I think, we had just under an hour to create our breakfast using Nutrific. And then came the scary part – the judging! We all had to put our dishes together for everyone to see and then for the judges to taste and give us comments. It was like our very own mystery box challenge on Master Chef, HAHA!


The 3 judges were chef Matt Manning, Dale (Nutrific Brand Manager) and Sergio, who is a creative director. I felt like I was back in high school having to do a ‘mondeling’ in front of the whole class! But the chefs didn’t die so I think we did alright! 😉


After the judges had deliberated, Chef Matt taught us a few tips and tricks on cooking game and plating up.


After the quick demonstration, we all sat down for a breakfast feast! I think they catered for about 50 people! From a classic fry up with a twist (poached eggs) to croissants and sweet treats like macarons, there really was enough food to feed an army. Some of the guests were fashion bloggers who were far more conscious about chowing down than we were, HAHA! You know us, tasty food = happiness!


It was a breakfast fit for a King and we had a lovely time chatting to everyone and getting to know them and their work. Soon the judges annoyed the winners and it went to the vegan team! I tasted their food and it was really, genuinely, SUPER good. I think they deserved the win. You can take a look at all the other plates of food on the Nutrific Facebook Page if you’re curious to see what they made. Sadly, we didn’t even come runner up, but we were really proud of ourselves and definitely felt like we were the most inventive! We had SO much fun that it really wasn’t about winning 🙂 BUT, the good news is that you still have a chance to win a cash prize!

WIN R10 000 from Nutrific!

You could win your very own R10 000 from Nutrific too! All you have to do is head over the the Nutrific #1000Ways website, pick your favourite (out of SO many recipes!), tell them which is your favourite and you could be finding prize monies in your bank account, YIPPEE! It’s running until the 14th of October so you still have time to enter.

Thanks so much for having us Nutrific! It was an absolute blast!





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