Rate Your Favourite Salons with Pretty Smart!

Pretty SmartI’m absolutely loving the concept of Pretty Smart. We’re all quick to love/hate services on Twitter or Facebook except for the beauty industry, one of THE most important industries!

There’s nothing better than a great beauty experience. It looks good on you, it looks good on me. But sometimes there’s the dreaded, “Did you do your eyebrows yourself?” question or the, “You’re looking a little orange today.” comment. And no, you didn’t do it yourself, you paid for the service! Eek! Well Pretty Smart is taking the power back.

Pretty Smart is a website that allows YOU to rate nail bars, massage parlors, spas, skin beauticians, the list goes on. Considering that South African beauty salons are not governed by any laws (which I did not know), it is vital us to promote or complain about salons that do not provide services of a high standard.

If we all share our views then we will be able to support businesses who deserve it, find beauty therapists that suit our needs and say no to businesses who do not provide decent services. This is a brilliant idea and LONG over due. Pretty Smart is welcoming as many views as possible and even giving away a spa voucher to one reviewer a week so get contributing and let’s get Pretty Smart together.

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*Commissioned Post.

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