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red brick road under tall trees and blue skies with side bushesMy brother’s been going to Constanita Glen for quite some time so it has always laid simmering in the back of my mind. Some how I remembered to do something about it and I reached out to their office to request a visit. Booking is recommended as it’s so busy which I didn’t know but TOTALLY understand now that I’ve visited there.

Just 30 minutes from town, Constantia Glen is nestled on the hills of Constantia leading up to Houtbay. When you take Rhodes Drive to Houtbay you drive alongside Constantia Glen. I’m so pleased to know this because for YEARS I always looked down and wondered what farm was there.

vineyards on dirt road with mountain and blue skies with lampost

vineyards with blue skies and green grass with mountainMr Love and I were running terribly late one Saturday morning but were adamant to visit Constantia Glen. We arrived at the venue, signed in and from the moment we headed up the hill we were in awe of the incredible surroundings and views. As if we were late already, we drove even SLOWER once on the property! The grounds of Constantia Glen are just EXQUISITE and all so close to home. Even our friends were tweeting us asking if she’d driven to Stellies? Nope!

lawn overlooking vineyards with mountain in background and olive tree in the foreground with blue skies

cheese, ham, capers on wooden serving board at green vineyardsWe were greeted by Gillian of Constantia Glen who kindly welcomed us even though we were ridiculously late. We took a seat on the porch of the tasting room. It’s important to remember that Constantia Glen is NOT a restaurant nor do they intend to act as one. Their business is wine tasting which is why they compliment their wines with beautiful platters including their own homemade jam, italian bread, beautiful cheeses (the herb cheddar was my favourite), soft meats, capers, simple and delicious.

green vineyards against brown blue mountain with blue skies

Green gold wine bottle with constantia glen 1685 embossed on the bottleGillian was kind enough to share a variety of wines with us and explain each position the wine has in the collection. She explained that only wines where the grapes have been grown, harvested, fermented and packaged on the same property are able to emboss their bottles. Here you can see Constantia South Africa 1685 as Constantia Glen produces the wine entirely by themselves.

I love white wine so I enjoyed those the most, however, the reds are equally as delicious for the red wine drinker.


glass farm house on green grass bank overlooking vineyards with blue skies and white fluffy clouds

Constantia Glen patioIf you’d like to visit Constantia Glen, be sure to make a booking as they get very full, very quickly. And it’s no wonder. Wine tastings cost R40 per person. It includes 6 wines but should a guest buy a bottle of wine to the value of R100 then the fee will be wavered. Guests are able to enjoy the purchased bottle of wine at Constantia Glen or take it away. Those who join the wine club will also receive a 15% discount on the wines.

From the moment I arrived at Constantia Glen I was blown away by the beauty, tranquility and also pride. I feel pride as a Capetownian that we have incredible places to visit and call our own. Sure, I don’t own the deed of the farm (ya duh) but it’s still my city and my country and I’m grateful for these wonderful “things to do”.

Thank you so much to Gillian and Constantia Glen for having Mr Love and I. It was a wonderful day out (when though we had to rush off to another appointment) and we will sure to be back SOON!

Constantia Glen Courtyard

Constantia Glen Wine Estate



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