[VIDEO] It Came From The Jungle Turns 8!

Congratulations to Niskerone whose weekly drum n bass night, It Came From The Jungle, turned 8 this past Thursday. The birthday is usually big so I wasn’t surprised when I saw the queue outside the door at 10pm. Upon entering, the club was already 3/4 full and continued to grow all night. The line up was “verses” based so that as many DJs could play as possible. This included Kamashe x Niems, White Nite, Phaze x Vava, Hyphen x Niskerone and Half Life.

The music was great all night, however, as soon as Niskerone took the “stage” the tone immediately changed to a frenzy. The party pumped and saw Hyphen join Niskerone half way through the set to complete the “versus” theme.

Check out the videos below, I’ll let the visuals do the talk. Last note GREAT to have so many people supporting drum n bass in Cape Town. Let’s keep it alive!


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