How To Easily Pay Your Cape Town Traffic Fines

Traffic DepartmentOk, so I’m happy about this post but I’m also bummed about this post. When I bought my new car it was my resolution to never get a traffic fine again. I wanted my car, Kimberlite, to have a fresh start and be the best car ever! And then I ruined it by getting a traffic fine 🙁

Apparently I was speeding down the Western Boulevard on some random afternoon. Considering I don’t work in town I was really perplexed as to what I was doing there. I checked all my social media for the date and discovered nothing. There was no appealing to the traffic department this time.

Ain't Nobody Got Time for ThatIn an attempt to try and figure out how I could avoid the fine or get it reduced, I thought of the countless letters I wrote as a student asking for a reduction. I even went to court once to ask for a reduction – which I was granted. But I’ve stopped studying and figured there was no getting out of it.

Next mission: how to pay? Well as time was ticking by the cheeky city of Cape Town sent me a TEXT MESSAGE! A text!!! This was the week after the news broke that the cost of fines would be going through the roof so I knew they were kidding. But they also provided me with a place to pay online. So I begrudgingly logged on to PayCity.

City of Cape Town PayvilleWell I was pleasantly surprised at the welcome I received. Of course, they’re making money – we all know that. But it was great to find a service that seemingly wanted to help the convenience of it at least. And it’s not only a fine service, it’s a municipal bill service, pre-paid and licensing service. Pretty cool! I followed the prompts and picked the ones that I would like to use. In this instant, fines:FIne PayIf you don’t have your licence number at hand, then they do allow you to skip that part which was great. They then show you which fines are outstanding and how you can pay them.


As sad am I am to have received this fine, I’m really happy that it was so easy to pay. And not only was it convenient, but they also ended the service with a survey so that we could add our 2 cents worth about the service. I think it needs a visual upgrade. Old looking sites might put people off, however, it’s still a great service. So go to and make sure that your’e up to date with any of your bills.

Pay City Survey

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    Hi there

    When you were a student who did you contact to get the fine reduced? Can’t seem to find any email address..etc