The All New Shelflife Store Launch, 19.07.14

There ain’t no party like a Shelflife party.

The end.

Shelflife Ladies SneakersBasically this could be the shortest blog post in BCTCBlog history BUT, I gotta share a few pics as well. Well known Cape Townian streetware and street art shop, Shelflife, has just moved into their new premises. And it looks AMAZING! Super sleek, great lighting and wall filled with paint for all the street artists in Cape Town…and South Africa.

They welcomed friends and fans to the new store on Saturday night where a few toots were had before moving over to Manilla Bar for a party line up like no other. Think lights, bass, tequila, bamboo, bass…the night’s a blur and I had the best time ever dancing with my friends and making new ones as we went!

Thanks Shelflife for an epic party and all the best for your brand, new awesome store! Find the new Shelflife store at 167 Longmarket Street, 8000 Cape Town, Western Cape next to Manilla Bar (the new, old Deluxe) and Dear Me. I’m gonna be getting me some sneakers SOON!



And then there was the after party featuring the White Nite, Jakobsnake, Hyphen, Damage Inc and Kamashe. It’s a good thing these pictures are so dark because it was madness.



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