Win Some Bitcoin with Cybersure’s New Security Game! #Ad

EVERYONE’s on the Bitcoin/cryptocurrency train at the moment and I won’t lie, it’s pretty alluring! Even Pick n Pay now accepts Bitcoin. Can you say #HelloFuture?

But while everyone else is onto the next best thing, I got locked out of my Facebook account this December, just because I used a friend’s PC to login. It took Facebook FOUR DAYS to confirm that it was really me! Great security, but not that practical when you have work to do! Which got me thinking about cyber security, cyber insurance and keeping our things online safe.

5 Tips to Keep Your Online Accounts Safer

Do you have any good tips on how to keep your accounts safer? I thought I’d share mine in the hopes that they may help you. Here are 5 checks I do to keep my accounts as safe as possible:

  • 2 Step Authentication

DO IT PEOPLE! Make sure you add your mobile number to your Facebook and Google account. I know. I also didn’t want to in the beginning because it just feels so stalkery. Just at the end of the day, the bad guys are going to hack you and get your info anyway, OR you can hand over your deets and make it as secure as the service can offer.

  • OTP on E-Mail

Whenever I go overseas, I change SIM cards (way cheaper than roaming), but it also means I can’t get any OTP’s! So make sure you change your OTP to e-mail. If you’re using online banking, you will have access to your e-mail which means you will be able to get your pins.

  • Have Levels of Passwords

For any account that aren’t money related, like Soundcloud, I use a basic password. If I’ve paid money into an account, I’ll use a slightly more difficult password. If my credit card details are anywhere involved, I’ll use a super complex password. I like having different passwords because if a non-money account is hacked, I DO NOT want it to be the same as my accounts with my credit card on them!

  • Save the Fraud Report Number

Most credit cards have a customer service number on the back of them, but make sure to save the number in your phone. If someone is using your account, you should get a notification on your mobile. If you’re out and don’t have your cards with you though, you may not have the number – so save it in your phone. Any time I have seen something dodgy on my account, I immediately ring – even if it’s nothing and just a weird reference (common in clubs and restaurants). Don’t wait for the bank to call you! Take action and notify the bank sooner rather than later.

  • Have Different Pins on Snapscan to Your Bank Card

This is a small one but they advised us not to have the same pin for banking as apps. So I have 1 pin for apps and 1 pin for banking. That way, if one is compromised, they aren’t all compromised.

Where Can You Get Cyber Insurance in South Africa?

If you want to take things a step further, then King Price recently launched Cybersure – cyber insurance for businesses. They offer a bunch of services to help you combat any fraud AND they’re also giving away R1 million worth of Bitcoin or cash!

Win Bitcoin with Cybersure!

Play the Cybersure Game, which is like space invaders hat allows you to answer cyber-savvy questions. Complete all 3 levels and you could WIN your share of R1 million in Bitcoin or cash! The final round will be a LIVE knockout game! ALL happening this March 2018! SAY WHAT?! Pop on over to their site, give it a go and make sure 2018 is the year that you level up your cyber security.

*This is a commissioned post.

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