I know that MCQP 2014 was months ago (technically, last year, EEK!) and that this post is SO overdue it barely counts! BUT! MCQP is just TOO cool for me NOT to post the pictures and share the night with you.

MCQP is a wonderland of party joy every single year. This year it was at the City Hall and it was as much fun as ever. The event really goes all out to decorate each individual stage and dance floor with as much effort as possible. This really adds to the fun of the event and the joy that it brings. From the moment you go over “hospital bend” hill you can see the lights shining up City Hall, calling party animals.


While I only arrived after midnight (I had worked earlier) the organisers at the front door were wide awake, super efficient and happy to help – which was a pleasure. Too often ticket offices close at 9pm and it’s a mission to enter an event. Not so in this case.

MCQP was also hosted a seating area, numerous bars, bathrooms and 2 dancefloors on the parade. This included the Butterbox stage which hosted techno, house and drum n bass. ALWAYS a super fun floor.

IMG_2773Butterbox Stage MCQP 2014

2014’s theme was Royal Navy which meant there were kings, queens, sailors and pirates from ALL over the world (and who knows where else) all dressed for the occasion.


Inside there were 4-5 dancefloors including the main dance hall, a ladies only room, psy-trance room and disco room. Dean Fuel was playing on the main dancefloor when we arrived and he was doing SUCH a great job, wow! All I could see was ripped torsos with captain’s hats on. Hilarious!

IMG_2820IMG_2811IMG_2808IMG_2800Each dancefloor was really well decorated and had their own personal touches like white balloons, netting, streamers, etc.IMG_2782IMG_2785IMG_2791IMG_2795

MCQP also works because there are ample number of bars. Unfortunately the barmen are always straight and are more interested in drinking shots with pretty girls than turning over profit, but at least there are a dozen to choose from so if you don’t like one, find another one.


When the party officially ended at 4am, hundreds of people poured out onto the street to keep chatting and enjoying the night. Because the roads had been cordoned off, it was really safe and gave the event such a fun, community feeling. The parade is always awesome after big parties (think CTEMF 2013) and this was no exception.


While this post is massively over due, I want to thank the organisers for delivering another awesome MCQP in 2014. I can’t wait for this year’s one already!

PS MCQP is so well maintained that these were the toilets at 4am. Now you tell me that isn’t a well managed event!!!IMG_2836

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