Boere Sjiek, Brackenfell

I went to the most extraordinary tea party on Saturday afternoon! I’ve actually been in contact about doing a high tea feature of late considering Mother’s Day is coming up in a few weeks time. Now that my Mom lives in Cape Town (they’ve just left Namibia after living there for 27 years) I’m always on the look out for fun things for us to do together.

On Saturday it was, ‘Hi Chrisssss”s birthday. I say it like that because we’ve been ripping my Mom off for years about how she greets her friends on the telephone. Whenever she rang Christine it would always start with a little song like greeting of, “Hi Chrisssss’. So Hi Chris invited us to Boere Sjiek, (what I thought would be) a cafe in Brackenfell. We made our way there (with a ton bit of swearing and cursing through the rugby traffic – you know what a nightmare that can be if you live in the Southern Sububrs) and arrived at the industrial zone restaurant. I knew it would be nicer on the inside than on the outside but I did not anticipate the wonderland that lay ahead.

We entered the air-conditioned warehouse, I dare to use, which was a welcome relief considering it was 30 degrees outside, to discover a world of tea parties and girly fair. Table after table of tea parties lay waiting for excited girls looking for a beautiful tea party. The walls were lined with furniture, decor, mirrors, artwork, fake plants (really good ones (I have to say) considering I’m not a big fake plant fan even though I struggle to keep plants alive), antique tea sets, paintings, jewelry and trinkets for sale.

Boere Sjiek Tea Setting  Tea Party at Boere sjiek

We found our tea party and were delighted by the large bouquets of fake flowers and charming place settings. After greeting everyone, I managed to explore a little closer ending up at the dessert table which looked really good. Small details have been added to make the venue personable and inviting while turning it into a girly wonderland. There was a hen party enjoying an afternoon of tea, hat fitting and laughs.

Fake FLowers at Boere Sjiek  Tea Setting

I returned to our table to enjoy a pot of rooibos tea dressed up as a sheep dog and a delicious combination of red velvet cake and baked cheese cake. My Mom had the carrot cake and cheesecake, which lead us to switch bites JUST to check all the cakes were up to scratch 😉

Cakes at Boere Sjiek  Boere Sjiek DecorSheep dog tea pot  Boere Sjiek rose bowl sinkDecor at Boere Sjiek  IMG_5061

I had a really good time at Boere Sjiek and while it is 30kms from the Southern suburbs, it’s well worth the visit if you’re looking for a fun tea party with your girl friends.

Boere Sjiek Brackenfel

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