Come Wine With Us: March 2015

After experiencing Come Wine For Us for the second time, I can honestly say it’s a really great concept. Place those with business or personal projects in a restaurant with a beautiful location, pair them with wine and voi la. Both times I’ve visited Come Wine With Us I’ve managed to meet new people and put faces to Twitter handles. It really is fun and a great way to experience new wine without travelling to the farm (if time is short for you).

On this occasion we were at the V & A Waterfront on a beautiful evening. Roodeberg was the wine on offer. I sat with 2 girls, 2 boys and my Mom! They were such lovely people, with various projects, and it was great to hear about their digital experiences.


Before enjoying dinner, the wine maker from Roodeberg explained a little bit about the vineyards and why they had paired each wine with each meal. Sybil, the organiser of Come Wine With Us, also welcomed everyone and told us about how the project has developed and what’s coming up in the future. She really is a wonderful hostess. It’s worth going just to chat to her.

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Please join the Come Wine With Me Facebook page. It really is a wonderful evening to enjoy great wine and food and to connect with other like minded individuals. Book early and enjoy!

Introductory Post To March’s Come Wine With Us:

There’s a big misconception about Italian food being pizza and pastas only. People think of rich tomato, Neapolitan sauce, sticky yellow cheese and pastas but this isn’t entirely correct. While it isn’t “wrong” it’s a narrow view of the cuisine which also entails fresh vegetables like grilled artichokes, zuccinis, soft mozzarella balls, shaved Parmesan, sliced prosciutto, capers, rocket and many other antipasti delights. I count Italian cuisine as one of my favourite cuisines.

Come Wine With Us, South Africa’s favourite up n coming dinner club focuses on marketing wine estates and restaurants by pairing them with potential clients and food lovers. Their events promote current menu items that will generate repeat patronage while featured wine estates offer tastings, special promotions and future discount on bulk sales.

This month’s Come Wine With Us is being hosted at  Meloncino at the V and A Waterfront. Meloncino serves traditional Roman food with a contemporary modern touch. Home-made pasta and authentic Italian sauces, steaks and seafood are available from the charcoal grill. Pizzas are created in our wood fired oven with thin base (Roman Style) and thick base (Neapolitan Style). To stay faithful to the original recipes, the majority of our ingredients and wines are fully imported from Italy.

Come Wine With Us is inviting you to come and experience authentic Italian dishes (not pizza) perfectly paired with Roodeberg wines. Each of the 3 course meals are paired with a glass of wine – that are selected with care, love and most importantly, passion.

  • When: Wednesday and Thursday (11th and 12th of March)
  • Where: Meloncino at the V&A Waterfront
  • Time: 18:45
  • Dress Code: Smart Casual

Book now for Come Wine With Us this March 2015. I’ll be there and I can’t wait!

Buon appetito!
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