Testing Out My New BISSELL CleanView Power Vacuum Cleaner!

So I know this is an old lady post, but the truth is that I’m totally loving my new vacuum cleaner! So much so that I HAVE to share it with you!

I first heard of BISSELL when I lived in the UK. Last year I was brought onto their digital team and did some really, REALLY hard work for them. In return they sent me this cool machine called the Vac&Steam. Basically, instead of sweeping the floor and then mopping it down, you can vacuum and mop the floor at the SAME time. Steam mops! They’re totally not a thing in South Africa but they’re super popular in the USA and UK. The Vac&Steam steam mop is pretty awesome, I have to say.

So when it came time to buy a new vacuum cleaner I knew that Vevo was stocking them in South Africa so I bought myself a BISSELL CleanView vacuum cleaner for R1500. Vevo acknowledged my purchase but I didn’t get any personal contact from the company, which made me kinda nervous! Luckily, the box arrived about 2 weeks later and I couldn’t wait to use it.

Tevo BISSELL Vacuum Cleaner

From the get go it was super easy to put together and works like a dream! I recently had builders and painters in my apartment installing new windows and fixing damp. They left a pretty big mess (how annoying) but I thought it would be a good opportunity to see how the CleanView worked.


While testing it out I realised it has some really cool features including:

Clickable extension pipe for further reach

I’m 5’10” (or 173 cms) – pretty tall. One of the most annoying things about vacuum cleaning is that I’ve always had to bend down quite a bit. With the BISSELL, I can click out the pipe at full length and not break my back to vaccum. Yes, that does make me happy!

Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

By far THE coolest thing about the Clean View is that it has no bag. My old vacuum cleaner used to be SO dusty and dirty! No matter how many times you emptied the bag it always stayed dirty. I’d end up just quickly trying to stuff it back into the machine and get on with the cleaning. NOW, the CleanView has no bag! It’s a canister. So all your dirt gets sucked into the tub which you easily click off and tip out. It is truly the BAYEST! (I have to admit that I was a bit dof and opened the canister NOT over a bag, the first time, which let all the dirt drop out on the counter, oops! Make sure you have a bag underneath it before you open it!)

Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Removable Filter

After you’ve opened the tub to clear out the dirt, you can also twist off the filter to ensure that ALL the dirt is removed AND clean the filter screens nicely. Think of the screen in the door of your tumble drier – that fluffy stuff gathers. It’s similar on the filter so I take it out and gentle tap it to remove all the stuff that’s on the screen or that has squeezed above the filter.

BISSELL CleanView Filter

Strength of Suction

At the top of the handle you can open an air gap and let more air in or keep it closed for a stronger suction.

Pet Fur Brush

The machine comes with a little brush which I used to vacuum up Yoda’s fur on our suede couch. It gentle lifts the hair ends to help them easily be sucked up. It also brushed the suede at the same time which was kinda cool haha!

BISSELL CleanView Pet Brush

Whenever I use the CleanView I empty the canister because you will not BELIEVE the amount of dirt that comes up from your carpets! It’s like you’ve been living in a dusty apartment for years because you’re under the impression your vacuum cleaner works but, meanwhile back at the range, it hasn’t been sucking up much for years. It’s so satisfying seeing how much dirt you’re getting rid of, week after week, and emptying the canister becomes a freaky obsession just because you can see how much dirt has been removed. Or is this just me?!

Vacuum Cleaner Dirt
YUCK!!! And I thought my carpets were clean!

The CleanView honestly works super well. I know this may seem like a PR project for work but it really isn’t. It’s just awesome to work on a brand and then when you get to experience it, you think to yourself, “Wow! This really is an awesome machine!” After years of avoiding vacuum cleaning, I literally haul it out all the time and vacuum the apartment on a regular basis. It really is a pleasure to use.

Visit Vevo if you’re looking for a new vacuum cleaner. I can honestly vouch for the CleanView, you won’t regret it.

P.S I even asked my housekeeper and she agreed it was a million times better.

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  1. says: Bianca

    Meg Hi!
    At last….some progress. Searching high and low for anything and anyone who could get me a step further – google is useless and bissell.co.za no longer exists. I have the exact same vacuum cleaner and i need a replacement part. (the post-motor filter cover broke off). I’m constantly hitting brick walls …ARGHH!!!! and then i found you and have a renewed sense of optimism 🙂
    Do you have ANY idea where i could start to get this spare part? I am in Cape Town too!
    Thanks a mill for any advice.

    1. Hi Bianca,
      Yes, BISSELL has left SA and at the time (when I needed repairs) they were still able to help me.
      But I went through a company called Tivo. Try give them a mail on: Info at tevo.co.za
      They actually wanted to replace my whole machine with a cheapie, but I got lucky and they still had parts.
      So not sure what their recommendation to you will be, but give it a back. Good luck! 🙂