Gondwana Game Reserve: Day 2 Afternoon Game Drive

After lunch I decided to venture into the swimming pool area of Gondwana. It was looking so fresh and peaceful and blue, I had to pop down. I sat, in the silence, tuning into the sound of birds and beetles and took in the view all around me.

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0467Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0465

I dipped my foot into the pool because it looked so lush but yo! Clifton minus 10! It was freezing! It was like I got instant pins and needles in my foot LOL! So I looked on in appreciation…it’s not the season to be swimming!

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0463Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0464

Our next activity was the afternoon game drive. Unbeknownst to me, there was a lovely afternoon tea! I was still full from lunch anyway but did manage to squeeze in a truffle 😉 We all hopped into the bakkie again and made our way into the land.

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0473Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0474

As soon as we got onto the open plains, we spotted our lioness again. So far her hunting hadn’t gone too well. No breakfast, no tea!

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0477Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0479Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0483Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0491

She kept her eyes on the horizons the whole time for any wayward deer. Our ranger told us that the element of surprise is very important when lions hunt as deer are able to unrun them, therefore, they need to surprise any prey in the hopes of catching them.

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0490Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0489Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0496Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0495Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0493

There were a number of deer in the near by field who were all sending warning calls and cramping the lioness’s style.

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0505Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0510Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0509

Eventually she went off. What a beautiful creature.

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0503Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0504

And so we carried on our way too until we managed to run into some more magical creatures. I’m SO happy I managed to see these guys. It’s been years since I last saw one and, with the way poaching is going at the moment, I’m not likely to see them again.

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0524Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0525Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0521Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0529Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0539

Rhinos are SO special! They’re like big, fat dinosaurs. When our ranger started our vehicle again, the rhino nearly jumped out of its skin with fright! The poor beast! I couldn’t help feeling sorry for it and getting the giggles. Who knew 2 tonnes could jump LOL!

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0549Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0546Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0523Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0527

We left the beautiful beasts to carry on with their afternoon tea (it was really cool to hear them munching and crushing away on the grass) and went off to have our own sundowners.

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0575Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0581Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0594

I had myself a cheeky little Savanna as the sun set over the gorgeous terrain. Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0569Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0570Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0580Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0607It was a joy sitting in the back of the bakkie as the sun melted away, but the mist also started to creep in from the sea side and made things really cold. It was crazy how to took over the area. We kept trying to drive faster than the mist could get us!

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0597Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0616Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0617Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0618I was very happy to be greeted by a warm fire when we arrived back at the lodge and decided to go straight dinner for a warm meal. I had butternut soup with warm bread for a starter and a beef fillet with pepper sauce for mains. They were delicious.

Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0611Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0613Boring Cape Town Chick IMG_0614

Happily, with full bellies, we returned to our Kwena hut to settle in. I had a bath in their DEEP bath which was really fun. It’s seldom one sits in a bath that’s deep enough for the water to go up to your neck without having to lie complete flat haha. It was really lovely and a great way to wrap up an adventurous day.

*Gondwana Day 3 coming up soon! Thanks for reading 🙂 

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