Celebrating Women’s Day by Making Hats & Cocktails with Cointreau

Happy belated Women’s Day to all my beautiful South African sisters! We are so powerful and can be even more so if we keep believing in ourselves, improving ourselves, striving for what is good and right, working hard and showing the world how to love. Here’s to you!

Celebrating Women’s Day 2017

To celebrate us this year, I attended 2 Women’s Day events. One at the Wellness Warehouse (re-read my line about improving ourselves!). This Women’s Day I was spoilt enough to have attended TWO events! One on the Saturday following Women’s Day and one on the Tuesday night, before the public holiday. I was kindly invited to a hat making session at The Stack courtesy of Cointreau. I’d never been to the Stack, knew nothing about Cointreau, so I was looking forward to visiting.

Activity 1 – Fashionably Late High Tea

I invited two of my girlfriends, Rebecca and Shane, for the Cointreau “Afternoon Tea”. The Stack is a multi-coloured, multi-textured, old social club filled with exciting decor and pops of colour. Upon arrival we immediately found the snack table because it was straight after work and I was HUNGRY! They had delightfully supplied “afternoon tea” delights including cucumber sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, cakes and more.


Activity 2 – Making a Cointreau Fizz

Cointreau brand rep, Lauren Penny, was on hand with a table filled with delightful scents and flavours. Everyone could gather around, grab a glass, pick some flavours and create their own Cointreau Fizz! I chose passion fruit and strawberries and mine was DIVINE! To make one:

  1. Pick your fruits
  2. Add a double shot of Cointreau
  3. Give them a gentle crush
  4. Add Ice
  5. Top with sodawater

Results? A light, refreshing, tasting treat PERFECT for Spring time! I’m really looking forward to making these again as they were a true delight!


Activity 3 – Fascinator Making with Crystal Birch

Crystal Birch is a Cape Town based milliner who prides herself on reconstructing classic hats with irreverent designs that have become beloved adornments on the heads of South Africa’s fashion lovers. Personally, I’d not heard of her before (I’ve not heard of anyone, I don’t know much about fashion!), but I do love a fascinator so I was keen to jump in.

While we were some of the last to arrive, there was still a number of items available to use to make a fascinator. A LOT OF ORANGE though and I was like, “Halloween or what?!” NOPE! Cointreau! DUH! I was slow to click on that one. Either way, I’m into understated fashion so I asked Crystal to help me create something a bit more “pop and roll” as I describe my style. I LOVE the fascinator that she created for me and would literally wear it if I had an event to attend!


Activity 4 – RELAX!

After rushing around to get to town (it was the day that the Zuma vote was on), we finally just sat back, had a toot and a good chin wag. It was really fun to meet other women and to visit the Stack, I’d love to return!

Thank you SO MUCH to Cointreau for having us. I absolutely loved the Cointreau Fizz (honestly, give it a go. It’s a joy!). Thanks to my amigos, Shane & Rebecca for joining me as well. 🙂

More about my second Women’s Day event coming soon! Thanks for popping by 🙂

*Additional images provided by Cointreau.



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