[Sponsored] Ballantine’s Presents Benjamin von Wong’s Underwater River

As someone who works in digital marketing and runs their own blog, I know all about content creation and the challenges (and accomplishments) that go along with it. From my own personal development, to watching the type of content change and grow online, to the way different apps and websites display this content, to the different types of platforms within those channels, the world of media is all fair game these days. All it takes is some originality, creativity and time Рeasier said than done, I know!

Ballantine’s recently teamed up with ‘hyper-real’ photographer Benjamin Von Wong to create something new, beautiful and creative for their #StayTrue creative. In late May, their team of 35 traveled to Tulum in Mexico to create photographs in a surreal environment – 35 meters deep under water in the Mexican ‘cenote’, a natural sink hole that is filled with water. I absolutely love so much of what Wong has to say in this video, including:

“I learnt photography on the internet as result of other people just giving up information for free.”

I may not be a photographer, but I 100% taught myself how to use WordPress, host a blog, write and create thanks to the internet and my iPhone. The potential to be creative comes from within, the world is our oyster. He goes on to say of photography,

“What really works in an image is when people can not tell what is real.”

I wholeheartedly agree with this. Images and Instagram accounts that capture my attention are those where I have to look a little longer, a little deeper, a little more closely to try and determine what I’m really seeing. It never gets old.

To celebrate Ben’s Chinese heritage, the scene comprised of a traditional Chinese Cormorant Fisherman sailing along a river in a low gravity environment (underwater), a medium that Wong has wanted to work with for some time. Relying on world class set builders and a world champion free diver, they set the scene to create the surreal artworks. The end result, magical. Watch the journey here:

While Ballantine’s may be behind this beautiful work of art, never forget that you have the ability to be creative wherever you are, with whatever equipment you have. Happy blogging!

*This post has been sponsored by Ballantines, however contains all my own thoughts and opinions.

Ballantines nderwater River RS


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