[WIN] Tickets to MCQP Halloween: IT Theme 2017

MCQP honestly was THE most amazing party in Cape Town. THOUSANDS would gather from across the city to celebrate LGBTQ rights/lifestyle and have the dress up of the year. But over the past few years it’s gone through hard times and lost of a lot of what was great about it. EXCITINGLY there seems to be a new team on board and ALREADY it’s looking more like it’s old, former, will present THE ultimate Halloween party this year…



This is IT – the event that promises to provide the ultimate Halloween experience this year…

“For those who thought that clown parties are only for kids…think again! We’ll be honouring the scariest clown of them all. Yes you guessed it, the clown everyone loves to hate – Pennywise from the movie, IT.

– Ian McMahon, Director of MCQP.

Those attending MCQP PRESENTS HALLOWEEN will be able to enjoy both a downstairs and upstairs party area, and the line-up include DJs Chad, Groovy Q, Sole Elos (from Germany), Candice Heyns, B_Type and Kanan7 vs El Gordo, providing an ultimate feast for all ears. Amazing décor, great costumes, DJs, bars and free broom flying lessons are just a taste of what one can expect!

Candice Heyns, MCQP’s Executive Project Manager, adds:

“Coulrophobics, those with an irrational fear of clowns, will face their worst fear, but need not to worry! Good always overcomes evil. Our barmen, known for their outstanding physical fitness and muscles, never shy to display ‘it’, will take exceptionally good care of you all night long.”

Apart from being out of town, this is EXACTLY why you’d find me running for dear life at MCQP! I HATE CLOWNS! So if you love a good scare and an even better party, make sure you head to MCQP for a party!


When: Saturday, 28 October 2017

Where: 30 Napier Street from 8pm.

Tickets: MCQP R150 per person from Quicket.

Dress Code: CLOWN!


To win tickets to this awesome party, simply:

  1. Like the MCQP R150 per person from Quicket
  2. Click attending on the MCQP R150 per person from Quicket
  3. Leave your e-mail address on the BCTC FB MCQP Post
  4. Tag a friend you’d like to party with on the night!

Winners will be announced next week. Don’t forget to leave your e-mail address & to read the T’s & C’s on the WIN tab at the top of this site. Good luck!


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