[CLOSED] Entry to One Night in Cape Town 2015

With Oppikoppi announcing international artists Gogol Bordello, Twin Atlantic and Brand New, Hilltop Live and Jägermeister are proud to announce TWO nights of One Night in Cape Town 2015! Stepping away from the previous events plan of 1 night with all headliner artists performing, due to numerous venue issues in Cape Town, Shimmy Beach Club has stepped up to save the day (I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed by this!).


As the sun sets over the Mother City, fans of Gogol Bordello can look forward to a stand alone performance on Thursday 6 August, while alternative rockers Twin Atlantic and Brand New will close down Shimmy Beach Club on Friday 7 August.

A limited number of tickets will be made available for each evenings performance. With tickets for the 2014 One Night in Cape Town selling out weeks before the concert date, fans are encouraged to not wait to buy their tickets.


When: 6th August (Gogol Bordello (US)

When: 7th of August (Twin Atlantic (SCO), Brand New (US)

Where: Shimmy Beach Club, 12 South Arm Road, V & A Waterfront

Tickets: R400 (and are LIMITED)

I don’t believe I’ve ever missed a One Night in Cape Town and I’ve always enjoyed seeing a band I liked or a band I heard was the best! This year will be no different as I’ve not heard of any of these bands but I know they will be great. For those of you who do have a clue, here’s your chance to WIN:


To enter, use a platform below and please read the T’s & C’s under the WIN tab above:


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  • MyBonVivant says:

    Gogol Bordello are THE Gypsy punk band. But what does this mean, and why should you care? Punk music comes from the marginalised in society, and few groups are more historically marginalised than the gypsies. However, instead of letting bleak life get them down, they stare it right down, life does not break them – they are defiant, making awesome ass-kicking music with that sweet upstroke made for dancing.

    These guys are real artists and you can even check them out in the fantastic film Everything is Illuminated (2005), where the lead singer actually plays one of the main characters opposite Elijah Wood (but the whole band appears a few times).

  • Ryan says:

    9 years after releasing ‘The Devil and God are Raging inside of me” Brand New finally released and posted lyrics to the fans whom had paid $1 all those years ago to receive them! (it was never included in the album). I got my copy too! – @thisiscraig

  • meow says:

    Let’s get real.

    Gogol Bordello, is the beeeeest.



  • Fearless Madman says:

    The band has been out “raising the mother fucking hell” on international stages for the past few years since the release of there last album. These so-called “global gypsy-punk trailblazers’ latest offering has been described as “an album that hops the globe from Latvian table-thumping, to Jamaican beach melodies, to bass-drenched punk rock parrandas, instilling thoughts of raucous circus parades along the way. Essentially, it’s a giant, stomach-ripping burrito that will leave you disgustingly full, and yet still excited for dessert. Although in this case,
    dessert comes in the form a two-minute hidden track full of heavy metal guitar and the story of an Argentinean girl and her jealous sister. It’s unexpected to say the least.”

    How can one not want to see this live!?

    An interesting thing the vocalist said in an interview was that “Culture is always just a great mask, and as great as it is, it’s only a mask. It’s very useful and sort of flexible, but a great mask can only take you to a great masquerade and a great Carnaval. But if you really want to get to know yourself, you’ve got to rip that thing off. That’s why people get uncomfortable if you start mixing cultures in their face.”

  • Nicole Thomas says:

    Brand New and The Plastics give me the feel goods :3

  • Doug Parry says:

    Gogol Bordello, Mr Cat and the jackal and the Nomadic Orchestra are the greatest because they will bring that gypsy energy to cold wintery cape town, which is just what we need to warm up and get our moves on!

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