You will have noticed that I have been a bit quiet on the music interview front of late. Reason being – just too busy! Plus, everyone wants to make it and spending hours trying to promote small music groups can be exhausting. Respect to all the music PR’s out there! But, I received a mail from a local group last night who are doing something different, which I thought may be interesting to learn more about.
SAXIT! is a multi-genre saxophone quartet based in Cape Town. They have been working together since 2011 and are launching their debut EP this September. I asked band member Gareth a few tough questions, here’s what he had to say:

BCTC: Tell us about Saxit – what made you decide on a band full of horns?!

GH: The group started life as a means to play and explore more music with the saxophone in mind. Myself, Joel and another musician, named Bibi Rheza (from Germany), started the band after meeting and getting to know each other through a rehearsal big band we used to play in. Simon joined soon after and we met once a week or so to read through charts and learn how to make music in this format, which proved challenging and still is. We really wanted to try work on a sound which did not require a rhythm section so each that sax has a role – both harmonically and rhythmically. Bibi left Cape Town a year later and that’s when Jade joined the band and this has been the band since.

BCTC: Why should people take an interest in this music?

GH: There is a wealth of good music being produced today, both in SA and internationally but, at the same time, it’s very crowded and it takes huge effort to be heard. This music appeals to the listener who is looking for something exciting, which can push boundaries, but not shock you at the same time. It’s sophisticated but not at all academic. Our music is predominantly improvised so every performance is different.

BCTC: Why are you passionate about it?

GH: I guess we all have a deep connection with the saxophone, an instrument capable of many tone colours and sonorities and we love expressing ourselves within this instrumentation.


BCTC: How does it fit in with the Cape Town music scene and the SA music scene?

GH: Not sure how we fit in or if we fit in at all. Our music does not necessarily make you go nuts on the dance floor and we are totally instrumental, so there are no vocals for the layperson to relate to. I think we satisfy a niche where we can entertain, but also make the listener think.

BCTC: What would you like people to take away from your performances?

GH: Music to most people runs close their hearts and one of the main things SAXIT! would like people to feel is, firstly, being present in the experience and not distracted by the material world. Secondly, to simply enjoy themselves.

BCTC: Tell us about your new EP. What was your goal for the music and what did you want to convey?

GH: The EP is our first professional release as a band even though we have being playing gigs for a few years already. We tracked everything live in studio with 2 or 3 takes per song and we choose the best out of the lot. We wanted an honest sound, minimal processing and mistakes left so the listener can experience the music as if listening to us live as we know we are not perfect. We also want to get our name out there and hopefully get more work.


BCTC: What does each horn player bring to the band?

GH: A band works when its members function well together. Everyone brings their own personality and ideas to the melting pot. Having said this:

  • Joel is our lead soprano/alto player. His easy-going nature, years of experience and his never quite dedication is very valuable.
  • Simon is our tenor player and his musical knowledge and attention to detail keeps us on our toes. His crazy sense of humour keeps the band grounded and reminded why we love music.
  • Jade is our 2nd alto player and her infectious personality, wit and playful attitude really adds the spark to our creativity in the band
  • Gareth is the baritone player and he basically keeps the engine running and helps manage the band through the ups and downs of the gig scene.

BCTC: Where can people catch you next?

GH: We are putting together a launch party on September 3rd at the Blah Blah Bar and it promises to be a crazy night of music. Audience members will also be treated to the screening of our short film project, which we were involved in earlier this year.

BCTC: How can we listen to more of your music?

GH: Our EP will be available for downloads within the next two weeks. Platforms like iTunes and CD Baby will be used, but visitors will get a free copy of the EP at our launch party. You can also follow us on Facebook to keep updated and what’s happening.


  • Who: Saxit!
  • Where: Blah Blah Bar
  • When: 3rd September 2015
  • Why: EP Launch


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