Eating Frigidarium Gelato in Rome

Before going to Italy for honeymoon, I probably had about 3 McFlurry’s a year. Never cones, never softserve at the beach…unless it’s from the kiosk with the chocolate soft serve on Fish Hoek. While I hold the record for eating the most ice cream balls in boarding school (33), I pretty much stopped eating ice cream when I left school. Until I went to Italy and turned into an ice cream MONSTER!


The gelato in Italy is UNREAL! Since I’ve been back, I’ve tried gelato at Gelato Mania as well as at the Good Food and Wine Show and while they import the flavours, it just doesn’t compare. The reason is because of our South African dairy. European diary is SUPER rich and creamy. So unless they’re importing the actual ice cream, the dairy part from Europe, our version just doesn’t compare. I went from hardly eating ice cream to eating 2 massive ice creams a day! It made me nice and fat, but I wasn’t ONE BIT SORRY!¬†Our hotel was all of 15 meters from one of Rome’s most loved gelaterias: Frigidarium. It’s rated at number SIX on Trip Advisor’s 690 desserts to do in Rome and they weren’t wrong.


The store has an array of flavours, some recognisable, some I have no idea what they are! They also have the perfect sweet and sour yogurt flavour that I just LOVE! Like, sweetened Bulgarian yogurt that gives you a good sour kick coupled with a sweet taste. SO GOOD!

Frigidarium Gelato in RomeFrigidarium Gelato in Romefrigidarium in rome

I chose the store’s signature flavour at first; I would love to tell you what it was but I have no idea! The crispy cookies on the top gave the smooth, creamy flavour a beautiful crunch. It looks like honeycomb, but it wasn’t. With touches of chocolate, delicious! I also had a ton of other flavours like chocolate, nuts, honeycomb, gosh, there were so many I barely recall them because I would just tell the man I like chocolate and toffee and he would give me the goodness. Like a dealer for ice creams not crack! They were all delicious!

Frigideriuam Gelato in Romefrigidarium in romeFrigidarium getalo in rome

We spoke to one of the servers of the store and he used to work in Knysna! What a nice man! He spoilt us and always convinced us to have more ice cream even when we were dead full, it’s too hard to say no!

frigidarium in romefrigidarium in rome

The gelato in this shop is unreal. SUPER smooth, delicious, creamy, divine. I can’t really tell you any more other than you better get your butt there one day and have this tasty goodness!

Frigidarium getalo in romeFrigidarium getalo in romeFrigidarium getalo in rome

This is a rare picture without a queue outside!¬†Because we were staying near by, we would get gelato on the way back to our hotel late at night and often didn’t have to stand in a queue, otherwise it was ALWAYS full with a queue out the door.


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