Oh My Days! 10 Things I’m Loving This July:

I’ve realised that there’s actually so much that I love, see and do that I don’t share with you (I know, it’s hard to believe!). But there are millions of super creative and rad projects out there that get my attention that I’d love to chat with you about. I’m sure you’ve seen most of these yourself anyway, so please let me know what your favourites are ๐Ÿ™‚ In no particular order:


Ok, so this show is SO not my type of television, but everyone was talking about how amazing it was so I just HAD to watch. I’m loving it as it’s set in the eighties and makes me SO nostalgic! It’s shot really well, but with modern photography but the sets are on point and it really, really does remind you of childhood (sorry for those who were born after 2000!). Watch this with your wingman, it’s too scary to watch alone!


Ok, I have HONESTLY been looking for these boxes for about 2 YEARS! My friend has one at work, but she got hers before she started working with us and couldn’t remember where she’d gotten it. I have been dying to get them, but couldn’t find them anywhere! Not Mambos, not Waltons, not Pick n Pay, not ANYWHERE! I randomly found them at Mr Price Home’s furniture section on Monday night and snapped a few up. I was only able to get 1 x charcoal one so I couldn’t complete the set. I’m not in love with this design, but was happy to have it for work. I checked the site and the charcoal are already all sold out! But you can find the Calgary Storage Box under the Mr Price Home Bedroom storage section on their site.

IMG_4196Calgary Storage Box

3) CASEY NEISTAT – Pokemon Go in Real Life

Casey Neistat is one of our favourite YouTubers cause he’s super genuine and creative. He’s an interesting dude with great morals and even better content. This July he decided to see what Pokemon Go would be like in real life. And since we’re LOVING Pokemon Go, we loved this:

4) ERIC ANDRE – At the RNC

In case you don’t know who Eric Andre is, be warned, he’s really rude! He’s like Die Antwoord of interviews. Really outrageous but also brilliant. I call it anti-art, art that goes against the grain, like Jackson Pollock. The purpose is to cause engagement via shock tactics and Eric Andre is the master of this. This July he went to the Republican Convention and caused quite a stir. Enjoy:

5) DOMINO’S – Pepperoni Pizza

You have NO IDEA how many people I’ve converted to Butler’s Pizza. Like, I should have shares in Butlers I have converted so many people to Butlers. I still maintain that most other pizza take outs are absolutely shit and I will rather not have pizza than order from them if it’s not Butlers. BUT, I started getting into NYPizza Slice in Kloof Street because it’s damn tasty, which opened my taste doors to pepperoni. Now I’ve ordered the Butlers pepperoni pizzas and they’re not as good as their other pizzas. So when it was time to try out Domino’s, I thought I’d give their pepperoni pizza a go. Well I have had about 10 in the last two months since trying them! I literally have not had any of their other pizzas as their lunch time deal is so good (R60 for large pepperoni pizza) that I haven’t digressed. They don’t deliver in my area so I have them at work and have converted Mr John to their goodness too. Well done Domino’s, you’ve given my Butlers loving heart a run for its money!

Dominoes PizzaDominoes Pizza Yum

6) THE VIRAL EXPERIMENT – Digital Marketing

How gullible are you? I’m OK! Some things I realise are fake straight off the back but every now and again I get fooled. I find most people are REALLY gullible and believe the most ridiculous stuff! And then get all up in arms about it LOL! The Viral Experiment was a marketing campaign used to test how easy/hard it would be to get content to go viral. See if you were caught by any of these:

7) GRIETFEST – At Fiction

At the end of August, Grietfest will return to Johannesburg for its annual party. It used to be in Cape Town, but because everyone sucks in Cape Town, it’s only viable in Joburg now. I’ll be heading up at the end of the month to check out the Joburg version, but Fiction hosted a pre-party for some of the Cape Town artists and it was one of the BEST NIGHTS I’ve had out in AGES! SO many old friends came to party, so many new friends jamming, even Sibot played a DJ set, SAY WHAT?! It literally kept me smiling all through work on Monday. Thank you Fiction! THAT WAS AWESOME!

Grietfest - Fiction Bar Grietfest 2 - Fiction Bar

8) GQOM – Do you dig it?

Gqom is a style of electronic music that originates in Durban. I started hearing about it last year and was over the moon when one of my favourite London MC’s, Stormzy #Murky, came to South Africa to explore the genre. This year at the CTEMF, they included a number of Gqom artist and I was able to hear it live on a decent sound system. The style has now been picked up by an Italian film making company who has produced a documentary about it. Boo for South Africa being too slow, but yay for the 1st world sharing our culture. Check out these 2 documentaries about gqom below:

9) MTV Launches Classic MTV

The WHOLE REASON why I got into radio presenting was because of MTV. It was my dream to be a MTV presenter, because it was the greatest and coolest thing I’d ever seen back in the 90’s! Apart from being a music but, I loved the culture surrounding the brandย as well as the work they produced. This August VH1 Classic will be transforming to MTV Classic where they will show case old awesome shows like Daria, Bevis and Butthead +++ MTV was launched on the 1st of August and on the 1st of August 2016, they will mimic the original day’s line up. This will be in American which makes it kinda irrelevant to us EXCEPT they’ll be putting it out on Facebook live from their MTV Classic Facebook page, yippeee!


So I’ve been humming and haaing over these damn shoes for about 2 months. Actually, longer. Mr John and I wanted to get custom sneakers for our wedding but Nike ID wasn’t available in South Africa in March, so we’d have to get them from the UK and at R3500 per pair, yeah. It didn’t happen. Then, literally, as SOON as we got back from honeymoon Nike ID launched in South Africa! SO ANNOYING! So now I’ve been designing a number of shoes that I’d love to have made up. But they’re still R2000 for a pair so I’ve yet to make the leap. And then when I checked it out again tonight, they’ve added ANOTHER R200 to the price PLUS R250 shipping! With the Pound dropping, I actually think it’s quite a cheek. Why pretend to offer a service that’s priced so highly no one can actually do it? It’s not like we can’t get Nikes from Footlocker for like R800, LOL! … It’s Boring Cape Town Chick’s 5th birthday in November, maybe I’ll take the plunge then to celebrate ๐Ÿ™‚ But for now, no. Design your own online:

Snip20160729_1 Snip20160729_2

PS I’m totally addicted to Pokemon Go but I’ll share more with you about that next month ๐Ÿ˜‰

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