MacroMixes Virtual Pancake Party!

MacroMixes is my new favourite proudly South African brand. Created by Maxine, from SugarFreeSundays, our friendship grew from a day on the Franschhoek Wine Tram – need I say more?

But over the years I’ve become increasingly gluten intolerant and all the Macro Mixes are naturally gluten free. Max made a bowl cake on a weekend away and I was sold! They’re high in protein so they keep you super full and are gluten free so I feel great if I eat them!

My favourite product is the vegan chocolate brownies. You can add an egg if you like, but I’m not big on eggs anyway so I actually prefer the vegan version. They’re so tasty and make an awesome morning and afternoon snack if you feel like a treat that tastes bad for you, but is oh so good for you.

Virtual Pancake Party

The Virtual Pancake Party was launched to assist the Khayelitsha Arts program with a feeding project in Cape Town and to announce MacroMixes’ new coffee range! Everyone was invited to make their own pancakes and join the morning of interactive fun.


Using Facebook Ad Manager to Improve Your Instagram Ads

During lockdown I was invited by Max to give a quick chat on paid social media. I really wanted to help advertisers and brands understand that there’s a lot more data at hand that can help them make better purchasing decisions for their brands through social media.

We had a quick 15 minute slot so I had to RUSH through everything (not hard for me to do because I can talk super quickly), but I was anxious that the group would actually learn something.

So to ensure everyone can go over the presso in their own time, I’ve uploaded the How to Use Facebok Business Manager to Improve your Instagram PDF presentation below. Feel free to take a little squizz and if you have any questions, just pop them into the comment section below.

Have fun and ENJOY!

Click link below to read presentation: 

Get the Most out of Your Paid Instagram Ads – Boring Cape Town Chick




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