Gelato from iL Gelatone in Venice

Friends, today I shall share a simple post with you. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m not a sweet tooth. So for me to have ice cream 2 times a day, every day while on holiday is TRULY a testament to how AMAZING the gelato in Italy is. WOW! The closest thing to the real deal in South Africa is the Creamery (I’ve realised).


Mr John and I have been in Italy at the end of summer when it was SUPER busy and full. So full you could hardly walk! So when we arrived at the end of March, it was wonderful to find so many of the piazzas and passageways empty. On our way to dinner, we found a gelato shop that I couldn’t resist tucking into. Before dinner, shock! Horror! I know!


The thing with gelato is that it tastes like it’s made from the most authentic flavours, stirred inside triple cream something or other and frozen into ice cream. It’s REALLY smooth and holds together in a jelly like way – it doesn’t run and melt quickly. They also have such crazy flavours that are SUPER amazing! Even when I didn’t feel like an ice cream, I’d end up getting one! And NOT regretting it!


The gelato in the very touristy areas like St Mark’s Square the gelatos are like 3 Euros a scoop. At the far end of Venice, where we were staying, they are about 1 or 1.5 Euro per scoop. So you can have A LOT for ‘cheap’! Hard to resist when it’s so tasty. I think I even got one on the way home again 🙁  (Sad face, but no regrets!!)



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