Something TASTY at Foxcroft Bakery!

I found Foxcroft through Instagram and immediately loved their beautiful desserts. One day after work I drove past as their Google listing said they were open until 9pm, SCORE! So I figured I’d pop past and have a dessert or two.

Sadly, when I arrived at High Constantia, where Foxcroft is located, the bakery was closed. Instead I found a restaurant there! The bakery closes at 4pm and I missed it. 🙁


Luckily for me though, the man was still prepared to serve me and I managed to pick 4 desserts that caught my fancy. I scoured the window and ended up choosing:


Petit Gateaux & Tarts (R50.00)

My favourite, aesthetically, is the snow stone, as I call it. Imagine a river in Switzerland with snow all around, black rocks holding the bank, with frost all over them. That’s what this dessert reminds me of. Also, it’s a Black Forrest Cake so it kinda all makes sense. If you try it, don’t eat it from left to right, cut straight into the middle otherwise you will have a mouthful of plain cake (which isn’t that nice), the cream and the gel make it so make sure you get a bit with every bite.

Verrine (R45.00)

My favourite tasting one is the chocolate mousse with passion fruit gel. I LOVE chocolate mousses so this had my name written all over it. Initially I thought the gel was guava because passion fruit can be a bit stinky, I don’t really know how else to say it! But the acid is needed to cut through the richness so it works. I can imagine that some people may not like the combination, but the chocolaty goodness is too much for me not to keep having it.


Paris Brest Eclair (R40.00)

The chocolate eclairs are also the best I’ve had outside of France. The choux pastry holds the ganache and doesn’t compete with it. Sprinkled with a touch of gold leaf, very pretty and tasty.


Petit Gateaux & Tarts (R50.00)

The last dessert was a white chocolate and apricot mousse cake (it might have been mango…not too sure now!). I had mixed feelings about this. I love white chocolate so I’m quite ‘strict’ with what i feel tastes good and what doesn’t. When I first bit into this, I was a little underwhelmed, but as I continued to eat and consider it, I started enjoying the really subtle flavour. It has finesse. I’m going to have one of these again to make up my mind for sure.

I’ve already returned once for tea with a friend and had the black forrest cake and the mousse again (SO TASTY!). Bookings aren’t taken at the bakery, so stop by, grab a seat and enjoy. Find Foxcroft at High Constantia here:




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