How To Spend 48 Hours in Luderitz

Luderitz. Ever heard of it? It’s a dusty, little town in a bay corner of Namibia. I really like it and have visited numerous times over the years. Previously, it was quite difficult to get to, but if you don’t have a double cab Ashanti Tours can help you get to Luderitz, but more about that later.

First, here’s how to spend 48 hours in the quaint town of Luderitz:

Day 1

10:00 – Brunch & a Tour of Kolmanskop Ghost Town

Before you get into the heart of Luderitz, the eerie ghost town of Kolmanskop lies to the south. A truly magical town; I can guarantee you that there is nothing like Kolmanskop anywhere else on earth. You know all those famous pictures of sand-filled rooms half a meter from the ceiling? Yip. Kolmanskop. Explore the town hall, bowling alley, mayor’s house and town houses. Have lunch in the cafe or shop for diamonds in the waiting room. It’s all at Kolmanskop Ghost Town.


14:00 – Town Tour

Explore the historic town of Luderitz. A fantasy land of old German architecture, Luderitz has an unusual landscape of houses built on rocks and homes lost to sand. Attractions such as Felsenkirche (church built on rocks), Goerke House (a house built by a previous major from riches earned from diamond discoveries) and national monuments decorate the fishing village.


16:00 – Tour of Goerke House

Goerke House is a wonderful home built on the rocks of Luderitz. I love it because it makes you feel like you’re in a far away land, a time gone by. Of course, this is all in my mind and the way I feel about it, but go for a tour yourself and see what you think. A grand piano, a hidden attic, beautiful preserved wall paper, curved balconies and a backyard that leads up a rocky face to reveal the setting sun, it’s gorgeous.

Image by Namibian

18:00 – Sundowners at the Luderitz Yacht Club

The Luderitz yacht club serves the coldest Jagermeister this side of the equator, HANDS DOWN! A local watering hole with views across the bay, drenched in orange sunlight, find the locals cooking their ‘afal’ potjies or catching up. Enjoy a toot before heading out for dinner in town.


20:00 – Accommodation at Kratzplatz & Dinner at Barrells

Kratzplatz is a quirky little hotel in the heart of Luderitz. The building was built in 1900, which is pretty impressive considering Luderitz is LITERALLY in the middle of nowhere (water used to be shipped in my railway!). Nearly twenties years ago, they bought the neighbouring CHURCH and turned it into a pub! Barrells is a very popular place for both tourists and locals alike. Personally, it was the motorbike on the roof that really got my attention!


Day 2

9:00 – 16:00 – Bogenfels Arch/Pamona Tours

Bogenfels Arch is actually within the NamDeb restricted area known as the Sperrgebiet (forbidden area). Subtly hidden behind the desert shoreline, Bogenfels Arch is actually REALLY tall and proudly protects years of water and stone below. It’s one of my most favourite places on the whole planet! It’s exceptional to stand somewhere were only few people have stood before – literally. Only a few thousand people have ever been to this area, that we know of, so it’s pretty spectacular. This is a ONCE in a lifestyle opportunity, make sure you go there.


18:00 – Dinner at the Nest

The Nest is Luderitz only full service restaurant and hotel. Positioned on the rocks, it’s a great location to have a sundowner and enjoy a hotel style meal.

Getting to Luderitz

If you’d like to explore the wonders of Namibia, but don’t want to go alone, why not check out Ashanti tours. They have a number of tours to Namibia – including Luderitz! You’ll have professional drivers without the hassle of hiring your own vehicle and accessing remote places, not to mention being able to meet other young people who are interested in travelling and exploring Namibia as well. They have a number of Namibian tours, not only just to Luderitz, so check them out.

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  1. says: Val Millar

    So 4-20 i.e. If they get a minimum of 4 persons OR up to 20 persons on the same day tour, the price is still 3750 N$ per person! Which could translate into 20 x 3750 = 75 000 N$
    I believe they have the only concession so no competition. (Durbs by the way!)

  2. says: Val Millar

    Hello Meg. Thanks for this. We are busy planning a trip in October.
    Would LOVE to do the Bogenfels day tour but do you know how much it costs? Well, 5750 N$ for two per person, 3750 N$ per person for 4-20!! I think that is a rip off personally if you are an SA citizen with Rands.

  3. says: Paul

    Hello Meg.

    Interesting reading. Am on my sailing boat at V and A marina and will soon sail to Luderitz, so your writing is interesting for me.

    Best regards.


  4. Stunning part of the world!

    When you have the time , you should try and get to see another unique town in the Sperrgebiet, Oranjemund, they also lay claim to the coldest Jagermeister South of the Equator……