Getting My Health On at Wellness Warehouse for Women’s Day

For some very strange reason, I think my friend Benike from I Love Foodies invited me to a Women’s Day event. A gathering of the girls? She knows me well. But it was at the Wellness Warehouse *crickets* Me?! WELLNESS?!

Well, not to let a friend down, I arrived “fashionably late” as always and found a delightful little setup of women gathering around tables of gifts, with snacks in my peripheral vision. So far so good!


To start the day, Benike welcomed us to the event, as well as an representative from the Wellness Warehouse who was very kind.

A number of speakers followed next, with one of the most interesting being from Mina menstrual cups. I don’t know if you know anything about menstrual cups, but they’re the new “it” thing in menstruation. Yes, who knew there were trends?!

MINA Menstrual Cups

But seriously. They’re super important in South Africa and Africa as a whole as TOO many women are missing school, work, college and other commitments because they don’t have the means to manage their menstrual cycles. I know for most of us, this kind of thing is SO far off from a reality in our own lives, it’s really important to stop and consider how we can help. Now the MIRA ladies were keen for us to all switch over but I’m not quite sold on it yet. But I’m happy to create awareness and share the option for you ladies and perhaps you can help other women too.

Vitamin Tips from Metagenics

We were then given some more information about vitamins from Metagenics and I learnt something really important – the more expensive the vitamins, generally, the more testings that’s been done on it.

So when you’re paying for something cheap, it’s only had a few tests done on it. When it’s expensive, it means that all the ingredients have been tested, how vitamins are absorbed, the best combinations, what works best for your body, etc is all explored. So I thought that was worth knowing. I must say, I actually learnt a thing or two and you can genuinely tell that Metagentics is really well made and that the ladies take their professions very seriously.

Brunch at the Wellness Warehouse Cafe

Of course we were spoilt to a little, light healthy brunch. I was a little skeptical because healthy food and me? Not a common combination. But the one and only fitness person that I like, Candibod, told me how to mix up the foodies to make it tasty and it was! I had this cacao pudding stuff sprinkled with some breakfast grainy vibes and it was good! Fresh fruit salad is always a win and a glass of beautiful carrot and ginger juice, it was great!

Further Learnings at the Wellness Warehouse


We then learnt about Doctor Hauschka makeup who pride themselves on using organic ingredients that are not harmful to humans and are free from major synthetics.


We also learnt about more natural hair dye. I just thought you went to Clicks, bought your dye and off you went! But there are more natural options out there! Find them at the Wellness Warehouse! This alternative health thing is growing so rapidly, especially as the world becomes more fake and more synthetic, there’s a real backlash and I think it’s quite a good thing.

We also learnt about ESSE beauty products, organic, good for the skin. I’d love to tell you more, but it was all so new to me I was just taking it all in! Perhaps you use some of these products? If so, please leave me a comment and tell me all about them!


Spoilings in the Goodie Bag

HUGE thank you to all the sponsors for the lovely goodie bag. This has actually stayed with me and allowed me to explore the products a bit more. I gave the pregilz rub to my sister in law who is expecting in November. The beeswax lip balm is now permanently in my bag.

The exfoliate soap smells amazing (I’m saving that one!) and the vegan kiddies treats were a hit with my vegan friend. I’ll be taking the Metagenics and I’m trialling the night cream at the moment. On the first time I put it on it felt AMAZING! It doesn’t seem to work so well during the day, I think it’s a deep soak in lotion, good for sleeping. THANK YOU!

Thank You Wellness Warehouse

It was lovely to meet all these girls and learn about their blogs or interest in health. Thank you SO much to Wellness Warehouse for having me and for spoiling us.

Thank you Benike for the invitation as well. You can only hope and pray I’ll give up booze and scrumptious food one day for healthy living 😉




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