Google Walk with Local Guides

Do you know that you can become a “local guide” on Google? Yip! FourSquare might have crashed and burned a few years back, but Google’s been on the hustle and now you can contribute directly to the search engine and become a pro in your area. I went on a Google walk with the iconic search engine brand (take a look down below), but first, here’s how to contribute to Google maps and become a local guide.

How To Become a Google Local Guide

  • Head over to
  • Click on the hamburger on the top left corner.
  • Click on Your Contributions.

Once you’ve selected Your Contributions, you’ll be able to contribute by checking the facts (this is when other people have made reviews and now Google wants a second/third opinion to verify the details). Reviews are your written reviews with Photos being any photos you uploaded. And lastly, Edits allows you to edit any previous reviews.

Contribute to Google

To contribute on Google, click on a location you want to review, all your comments or upload and picture. Add a 5 rating out of 5 and voila!

Your Google Maps Contributions

If you click on (where it says), “144 points” a pop up box will appear with the breakdown of how you’ve earned your point with advice on how you can improve your points. If you click Learn More about Points then it will give you the WHOLE breakdown including what you have to do to earn badges, etc.

What’s the Point?

Perks apparently! I haven’t quite figured out what that means, but it’s not like we got that much from Foursquare or for checking in on Facebook anyway. So it’s probably just a bit of fun, a great way to connect with your community and to contribute to the search engine. After all, I do love Google and I do love Google maps! So I like it 🙂

Becoming a Google Local Guide in Cape Town

Joining Google for a Local Guide Expedition

A few months ago I joined Google on a little mission through the city bowl. We popped into a bunch of stores that I’d never been to before and I really loved the excuse to explore Cape Town.

Stop 1: Jason’s Bakery

I’ve been trying to get to Jason’s for their doussants for years. But because I love night life more than I love cronuts, I haven’t been able to make it happen. At least on the Google walk I finally managed to get my hands on a deep fried, sugar coated, caramel filled donut bullet! And it was tasty…could have had more caramel actually 😉


Stop 2: Skinny laMinx

WHO KNEW this was a fabric store?! NOT I! You literally learn something new every day! If you’re looking for proudly South African prints, LOOK NO FURTHER! Filled with fun, colourful African designs and material, pop in and take a look to see if anything catches your fancy.


Stop 3: Bree Street

While Bree street isn’t exactly a venue, I do feel it’s a destination simply because everyone loves to go out there now! Exploring the mini bars and bistros, I feel it’s only fair to call it a stop.

Stop 4: Kloof Street House

Again, I’d only ever been to Kloof Street House once in my life and I have to admit that I did enjoy the food even though I was expecting it to be way over priced. Greeted by a glass of warm gluhwein, I really enjoyed the ambience sitting outside under the garden roof, sheltered from the cold and tucking into finger foods.


Bye Bye Long Street

And then my favourite way to end an day, tromping down Long street. It was raining, murky and perfect.




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