Hooray for 100 Years of the Darling Wildflower Show!

The Darling Wildflower Show had all the charm of a Stars Hollow town festival. From rides for the kids, stalls for the curious, snacks for the hungry and sunshine all around, we had a lovely time taking in the country fun of the small town Darling. Take a little look:

The Actual Darling Wildflower Show

The village put a lot of effort into creating real life exhibitions to showcase the flowers in their ‘natural’ habitat – stuffed animals and poop on the beach and all! Hilarious! The displays really were very charming and I loved seeing the daisies up close.


Darling Wildflower Food Stalls

Of course I could be found anywhere near the food stalls and had an awesome time tucking into the village fair. This included Darling frozen yoghurt and the college’s gammon and onion marmalade toasties, but there was LOTS available for all sorts of palates! There was even a braai stall with Oom’s making HUGE pots of potjie!


Darling Wildflower Show Market

There were SO many lovely stalls at the market. Usually there are one or two arb ones (I hate shopping in general anyway) but I was really impressed with the variety in this market.


Old Car Show

And for the boys who don’t like shopping, there was a beautiful old car exhibition with Rolls Royces and all sorts of other cars I can’t name!


Mr John and I attending for the first time and really enjoyed the laid back, inexpensive fun the festival provided. Visit next year and let your kids of a great day out in the country side. The bars are cheap, the foods are delicious and it’s a great way to spend a family day outside.




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