[WIN] Tickets to the Design Indaba Nightscape 2018

The Design Indaba Nightscape 2018 is a curated selection of music, performance art, installations, exhibitions, gourmet street food and film to create an inimitable sensory experience each evening on the Artscape Piazza.

Taking place from 21 – 24 February 2018 at the Artscape Theatre Centre in Cape Town, the Design Indaba Conference and Festival is a showcase of the best in design and creativity!

Last year I attended the Design Indaba Nightscape and I really enjoyed it for 5 main reasons: Location, design, art, music and accessibility.

5 Reasons To Attend Nightscape 2018


It’s great being in another part of town. For years Long street ruled the roost and I’m actually loving the exploration of different parts of the bowl.


Of course the Design Indaba is all about design, but Nightscape offers a number of “pop up” galleries if you will. There are a number of various art forms on display within a small ‘playground’. As someone who does work in design, I really enjoyed getting this bite sized exposure.


NATURALLY by now you know I really enjoy art and architecture. Nightscape is the perfect combination of functionality meeting art to deliver fresh design concepts. The reason why I enjoy architecture is because I see it as art in a building form. The same can be said for accessories or tech, to some degree. I definitely felt like I was a bit of an “Alice in Wonderland” at the last Nightscape.


Coupled with a number of DJ’s playing on the steps, Nightscape was the holy trinity of good living: art, music, food, the end!


Obviously the Design Indaba is for the very serious art and design types. That’s not me. The tickets are a couple of thousand Rand and the lectures are in depth and really created to push the conversation of design forward with those working in the industry. Because this isn’t me, it’s easy to get left out. But Nightscape invites the general public in. It says, “Hey! Something exciting is happening in your city. Come be a part of it!” And I like that.

2 Things I Didn’t Like About Nightscape

I’m Mr Lonely

Last year I went alone as I actually had another event one. BOO! It was fun to explore, but going alone was a bit of a bummer, simply because it was so exciting! This year I will go with a friend and make SURE I can really relish all the spoils.

No Access to the Artscape

Ok in a time and age where traditional art forms like ballet, theatre, opera, etc struggle to stay afloat and find funding, we should be exposing the public to it’s forms as MUCH as possible. Last year I have to walk the most random way around the Artscape as there was no access through the Artscape! HAIBO! What a missed opportunity to have foot traffic coming through the doors and having a touch point with more traditional art forms.


WIN Tickets To the Nightscape 2018

If you’d like to win tickets to Nightscape, please complete the following steps:

Winners will be announced this Friday, 16th February 2018! Good luck! (Please read the T’s & C’s under the WIN tab above.)

Alternatively, buy tickets to Nightscape Online via:

  • Buy tickets to the Nightscape via Webtickets online.
  • An all-access, two-night pass to creative excellence: R375.
    Alternatively, you can purchase a one-night ticket for either the Thursday or Friday evening for R250.
  • Nightscape opens at 5pm till late, with the stellar musically line-up starting at 6.30pm.

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