Thank you LG for this RAD LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine!

When I received an invitation from LG to receive one of their brand new LS Smart Inverter washing machines, I knew I’d be a complete idiot to say no. LG is one of my favourite brands as they’re sleek, reliable and well designed. The only problem is I live in an apartment. And if you live in an apartment then you know space is at a premium. PLUS I already have a washing machine, tumble drier AND dishwasher in my tiny kitchen! #EISH

So I called in reinforcements: MOM. I convinced her to get rid of her machine (that was actually working perfectly well, but was a bit old) and ship in the new LG. Luckily she said yes and BOY AM I SO JEALOUS! This machine is rad!

LG’s 3 selling points are: 

Energy Saving with Smart Inverter Control → Smart Inverter Technology eliminates wasted operation by efficiently controlling energy use.

Smart Motion → Smart Motion is 3 kinds of motions created by Smart Inverter for optimized washing by fabric type.

Turbo Drum™ → TurboDrum™ enables the most powerful wash and removes even the toughest dirt through strong water stream of rotating drum and pulsator in the opposite direction.

If you watched my January PR Drop Box video, you would have seen a little about it. (Watch below if you want to see (instead of read) us in action!).

It’s a niffy little machine that has been installed perfectly. The only thing that we couldn’t figure out (but we read the manual and sorted it out quick quick) was where the washing liquid and fabric softers go. The fact that the manual was easily digestible helped a lot.


Considering my Mom has been using it more than I have, I asked her for her honest feedback. This is what she likes, doesn’t like and noticed about the machine. Words by Pook:


  • This machine takes 9.0 kg of washing, which is quite a good amount. (I think her old machine may have been bigger but the slightly smaller drum seems to be suiting her as it’s a waste of water to use a big drum when you’re not doing linen all the time. -Meg)
  • It’s neat and doesn’t take up a lot of room – the machine itself inside is mostly ‘drum’ so although it’s compact, it holds a lot.


  • There is no central ‘stick’ in the centre of the drum so more washing fits inside neatly.
  • The minutes countdown on the front is helpful and easy to read.
  • I like the lid’s glass panel as I can easily check what’s going on during the washing process, whereas my previous top loader had a metal top so I wasn’t able to take a quick glance should I need to.
  • It’s a white machine, which I like – I’m not such a fan of the latest metallic grey which is very popular. I refer white sa it’s light and has a clean appearance which is unobtrusive.


  • I do a “Quick Wash” and this is a 26 minute cycle, which is nice and quick. The programme choice is easy to select thanks to the simple layout.
  • What I like is that the digital number of “26”, for example, on the front panel. It counts down so you can go and see where you are up to within the 26 min wash cycle. Knowing how long it has left before finishing is really handy.
  • It’s a quiet operator and isn’t noisy while working.
  • At 12 mins, there is a digital sound which I think is an alert that the cycle is half way through, but that’s just my guess!
  • When finished, it sings a little digital song (as does my LG dishwasher), which alerts me that the wash is complete.


  • The liquid detergent I put in the drawer spills out on to the clothes, which is a little messy, but the water comes in through the same area and so cleans the drawer and dilutes the liquid effectively.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I’m enjoying using it and have had no major setbacks.
I haven’t tried a longer cycle because of saving water and I haven’t tried the air dryer because we’ve had such hot weather, so I look forward to trying those at a later stage.
Honestly, this machine is so compact and cool, I wish I could have squeezed it into my flat! But if you’re looking for a new machine, 100% consider this as it’s nifty, saves water and has a great finish. Happy laundering!
PS Sorry for the dark images, laundries aren’t the brightest rooms in a home!



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