Bring on Summer with Mawu Eyewear

You guys would have seen, from my first Namibian vlog, that I had a tragic case of bad sunglasses. Over the years, I’ve actually bought really lame glasses just because they were cheap and, I thought, hilarious!

But, it was really hectic driving all the way north to Windhoek in our Namibian road trip, STRAIGHT into the sun. I’ve realised, now that I’m getting older and travelling more, how important decent glasses are – within reason.

I’m also over the notion of super expenses glasses. In your twenties, you live for that one pair of super expensive glasses. You spend all summer babysitting them only for them to end up stood on or stolen. MISSION! Over it. Enter Mawu.

Mawu Eyewear

Mawu eyewear recently came into my life and I think they’re the perfect compromise. They’re R750 a pair which INCLUDES:

  • Shipping
  • Glasses
  • Hard case
  • Soft case
  • Smudge cloth

As you know, I love online shopping so I was down for them to be sent to my door. They’re also shipped locally so you don’t have to pay customs tax. WIN!

What Actually Is Polarised Lenses?

So, from the MAWU website I’ve learnt that they have CR-39 lenses that are pretty much transparent, but make the glasses 100% UVA/UVB protected and can get really hot without bombing out. They’re also scratch resistant. Sweet.

The Style For You

They have a super easy to read style guide online for you to use since they’re online only. I found it useful and got this pair of Ovea Matte Black and they’ve been awesome. I need something with more darkness that actually protected my eyes and I feel these do.


MAWU Eyewear Discount Code

If you’re keen to get a pair, use my code, “boringchick” on check out and save R75! Or 10% – depending on how much shopping you do. Have fun!

And if you buy a pair, please DM me on Instagram or Facebook and let me know! Happy shopping!

*Pictures by Team Team Photography.



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