Sideshow Oppi15 years ago being a DJ was an elite and difficult job to secure in South Africa. There was no internet which meant music and technology was difficult to source, lugging vinyl around was the norm and there were hardly any festivals to play at during that time, so even if you knew how to mix, platforms were limited.

Fast forward to today: vinyls got a nasty shock the day CD-J’s arrived, CD-J’s got a nasty shock the day memory sticks arrived and memory sticks got a nasty shock the day laptops arrived. Vinyls sit collecting dust these days whilst the world hurles the status of DJ into a super stardom sphere. And everyone wants a piece of it. As electronic music elevates into the commercial world, so does the job title of DJ.

But these days, it’s fair game. There’s almost no excuse for up and coming DJs not to work their butts off to learn how to mix properly. Music is available at R7.99 a click (I’ve been raiding iTunes ūüėČ ) Software is available on every device and DJ is an acceptable profession to write on your Home Affairs documents. But there’s one thing that’s never changed and that’s getting your foot in the door. No matter what profession you’re in, this is always the hardest step.

Design by Ian McNair from naasDESIGN
Design by Ian McNair from naasDESIGN

Well known Cape Townian DJ, Sideshow, knows this from her own venture into music. Although she followed her nose, and soon made lasting inroads at many of the Cape’s best venues, she appreciates how difficult it is to be taken seriously as a newbie. With this in mind, she launched an opportunity for up and coming DJs to feature on her Assembly Radio Show¬†The Mash Up (Thursdays 4pm – 6pm). The feature is called YOUNGBLOODZ and has been so widely received that today sees Sideshow launch the YOUNGBLOODZ concept into a full-blown party!

The Assembly’s student night See You Next Wednesday is a popular night out for most students in the Mother City with many missing early morning lectures on a Thursday. Soon they will be missing the whole of Thursday’s classes with the inclusion of YOUNGBLOODZ SoundSystem launching in the Annex on Feb 27th. In order to be booked for the monthly gig, new DJs need to have featured on Sideshow’s The Mash Up.¬†Each featured mix will then be posted on various social media platforms and opened for public vote. The winners will then feature at YOUNGBLOODZ. Sideshow says of the event,

“The aim of the YOUNGBLOODZ Sound System is to get the featured artists off the radio and on to the stage. This is an opportunity to define your brand and build a following through hard work and self promotion. The criteria to qualify for the YOUNGBLOODZ mix is performance experience of three years or less.” ¬†– YOUNGBLOODZ PRESS RELEASE

So if your dream to to a) Be a DJ b) Create a mix for public¬†consumption¬†c) Be heard on radio d) play at the Assembly e) Get your foot in the door then I suggest you join Sideshow’s Facebook Page and get in contact with her via her Twitter: Side5show. Here’s the Facebook Event for the first YOUNGBLOODZ going down on FEB 27th!¬†Competition starts today so check it out!

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