3 Ways To Get ASOS Delivered to South Africa

I’ve been shopping on ASOS for a couple of years now because I find it really difficult to find cool clothing for women my height and size in South Africa. Apparently if you’re not a size 6 – 12 then you must be old and frumpy! Haibo! This is why ASOS has become my go-to for my favourite items of clothing – not only for fast fashion, but for some absolute classics as well.

ASOS in South Africa

You might be wondering how long it takes for ASOS to deliver to South Africa, and that really depends on the service you select. Having tried and tested a few shipping methods, here’s the cheapest, fastest and trusted services you can use to deliver ASOS to South Africa.

3 ASOS Delivery Options for Ordering to South Africa

October 2021 Update…

I have used all 3 of these services in the past, however, with the pandemic disrupting the globe, I’ve only used the courier service in 2021. Please see the updated information below.

The Fastest (my preferred service) – ASOS Courier

These days I go straight for the ASOS courier. It’s the fastest, least complicated and easiest way to get clothes to South Africa because its integrated within the website. When you check out of ASOS, choose the Express Delivery. This will cost you 20 pounds standard fee (no matter how much you order, but I’m sure that’s within reason) and will be delivered straight to your door in a few days – IF you pay the customs. If it takes you 3 weeks to pay the customs, it’ll take you 3 weeks to get your clothing.

Is It Trackable

Yes. This is one of the few options that is trackable. ASOS updates their app or site to tell you about where your items are. DHL then updates their website once it is in their hands. (I’ve included screenshots below of how it’s tracked.)

How Much Are Custom Charges?

There is a R200 DHL service see and 45% of the items’ cost. For example, if you spend R1000 you will pay R450 in custom fees and another R200 for DHL fees. If you include the 20 quid courier fee (I call it R400) all in all you pay R2050 – basically double the actual price of the items. This is why I ONLY shop on sale, to ensure I’m getting the most value.

I love these sale items: the white halterneck, the long sleeved white dress and white linen dress.

Real Time Example

I ordered these ASOS clothes on Monday morning, first thing, and received it by Wednesday afternoon (around 3pm). This is because I ensured I payed my custom fees as soon as possible as I hoped to get the dresses for the weekend. Here’s what the paper work looked like:

1. Acknowledgement Mail from DHL

2) Customs Requesting Payment with Supporting Invoices

3) DHL Mail Notifying You of Customs Fees Required

4) DHL Confirmation of Taxes Having Been Paid

5) The Courier Is On the Way!

Confirmation that the courier will be with me today. Now, it actually said the 19th of October (I guess people usually take a few days to pay) but I paid immediately as I had made the commitment to pay and wanted the order ASAP.

And that’s how I got it by lunchtime! If you’d like to see what the tracking looks like, this is what it looks like:


The Cheapest Service: Standard Delivery (South African Postal Service)

EISH. This is probably the first word that comes to mind when most of us think about the post office. I’ll never understand a country that has so few jobs not being able to have a decent postal service when there are so many willing and able South Africans out there! None the less, they are the cheapest option, but they are also the slowest option…

Is It Trackable?

Unfortunately, once it leaves the UK there is no knowing where your parcel is. I’ve ordered on ASOS and sent via SA Postal Service and it takes 4 months to arrive. The proposed arrival date on the ASOS website is if you live in the UK or Europe NOT if your clothing is coming by boat from the UK.

How Much Are Custom Charges?

You will need to pay customs tax on your parcel should you wish to get it here.Β Customs tax is about 70% of the total value of the clothes. So if you spent R1000, expect to pay R700 in custom fees if you send it by regular post. So the total fee would be R1 700.

  • For example: Β£67 [Cost of Clothes] x R20.45 [ZAR exchange rate as of March 2020] = R1 370.
  • R1370 / 100 [to calculate what 1% would be] = R13.70 [1%].
  • R13.70 [1%] x 70 [70% is the cost of the custom fees %] = R958.00
  • Total Cost: R1 370 + R958 = R2 328.99 [For the clothes with custom fees, excluding any shipping costs.]

YES. The government is charging us a fortune to bring clothes into the country. But the clothes are so inexpensive on ASOS that I’ve often found it worth it. While it’s not cheap, the quality is great, lasts WAY longer than Mr Price and it totally unique to anything available in South Africa.

The No-Customs “Under R500” Fees Test

One day I bought a dress and sent it to my work office in London. On the same day, I bought a dress and sent it to my home in South Africa. This was to test the “If your cart is less than R500 then you won’t pay customs” rumour. It took 3 days for the dress to reach the London office and 3 MONTHS for the dress to reach South Africa.

I was still charged custom fees on the dress that arrived in South Africa, even though it was less than R500. So don’t bank on this, it’s likely you will be charged.


The Alternative Service: Postbox Courier

Update: 13th October 2021 – The Postbox Courier service was sold to new owners and I have no idea if they offer this service to the same level. I believe the man who left PBC opened his own business but I have never tried it.

It’s no secret that Postbox Courier has poor customer service when it comes to communication. They deliver well within time and get the job done pronto, but if you have any queries, they can be a total pain.

This is the service that I have used the most to get items from Kylie Cosmetics in the USA and ASOS in the UK. They work well as long and have never NOT delivered, but they can be a bit frustrating to work with if you need try to follow up on anything.

On the plus side, they are not a subscription based service like Aramex so you don’t need to pay each month to use them once.

How Postbox Courier Works

Postbox Courier will give you a postbox address in the UK. The clothes will then be sent there for them to collect and then ship to your front door (or whatever address you give) within 2 weeks. Sometimes ASOS takes a few days to fill your order, then it takes a few days to get to South Africa, then it takes a few days to get from the harbour to your door.

Extra Fees

The great thing about Postbox Courier is that you can test the fees on their website and get a quote. When I quoted my last ASOS haul, they quoted Β£32.00. They do NOT charge agency fees nor documentation fees, however, this may be pre-calculated into their overall price. I’ve been happy with their service (queries aside) and they’ve never not send me package.

The only issue I had with them was that I had filled out my form incorrectly which incurred a R500 fine. Instead of asking me if I was happy to pay it they just processed it. I wasn’t impressed with that, but they did get the package to me none the less.

Finding Your Size

What I do suggest is looking at any other piece of clothing that you’ve acquired from the UK and making a decision from there. I know I’m an 16 UK top and 18 UK bottom. Sometimes the items are just a bit short for me, due to my preference as a gal in her thirties, but if you’re in your twenties and still want to rock the short vibe, you should be 100% fine.

Closing Thoughts

I LOVE shopping on ASOS. It’s awesome going out and no one else is in the same outfit as you. PLUS, South Africa is so obsessed with sizes 6 – 10 that it’s ridiculous that larger women can’t buy clothes that are chic and modern just because they’re a) taller b) big busted c) have large asses d) might be a fit fat overall. Have better personalities πŸ˜‰

I’ve not regretted anything I’ve bought on ASOS so I hope you enjoy it too. Happy shopping! πŸ™‚



  • Modibedi Mothatego says:

    Hi Meg i want to buy some clothes from asos using express shippin , how long will my package take to reach our shores?

    • Hi Modibedi,
      I’m not familiar with express shipping so I don’t know, sorry.
      I’ve only used old school mail and courier.

    • Wandile Mthiyane says:

      Hi, Modibedi.
      I’ve just made an order on ASOS for express delivery. I was wondering how long the order would take to arrive in SA. Did you happen to find out?

      • Hi Wandile,
        It takes about 5 working days to get to South Africa, but then it depends how long YOU take to pay the customs.
        If you pay the customs immediately then you could get it within 10 working days.
        I’ve bought before on a Sunday and then had it by the following Friday.
        But I was sure to look out for the customs mail and pay it IMMEDIATELY. Then my clothes arrived πŸ™‚

    • Kajal says:

      Hi Meg
      In terms of the standard delivery that takes 4 months and is a nightmare, since it is not tracked will I get any notification as to when it is in the country and when it requires me to pay customs? How do I know it’s here and requires custom fees to be paid? I didn’t shop on ASOS but my friend sent me a package from the post office in the UK using standard delivery that is not tracked. Thanks a mil!

  • Cruise says:

    Hi Meg

    thank you for the info above! i ordered on ASOS in feb and i still havent recieved my order or directive from the “eish” SAPO, is there a way i can follow up?

  • X says:

    Hey Meg

    So I wanted to buy a LOT of clothes on Asos and it’s valued over R100k. Approximately R110k. What/Which services do you think I should consider using to get everything I ordered faster instead of waiting for a couple of months to arrive. And how much would the customs tax fees be, i heard it’s generally 50% or something like that. I really can’t wait for months to get it delivered here so i was wondering if there would be anyway to get it delivered in a few weeks?

    • Hi X,
      Courier would definitely be the way to go as it would get here in under 2 weeks, provided you paid the customs tax immediately.
      I have no idea what the cost on this value of order would be, but I’d budget for at least 50%.
      Maybe it would be a good idea to contact ASOS and ask them to assist? I doubt they will ship this amount of clothes in one go…

  • Meg says:

    Hi there i have a question so if an item arrives and i don’t pay custom fees after 7 days will they send it back to Asos? And will i be able to get a refund? I wasn’t aware of customs being so much as i ordered few pricey items

    • Hey Meg, I don’t know, unfortunately.
      You’ll have to try your luck – ask them and see what they say?
      Please come back to me and let me know what happens as all of us can learn from your experience πŸ™‚

  • Naish says:

    Hi Meg, when you use Express delivery on Asos, does the courier handle your parcel through customs or do they hand it over to SA customs completely and the postal service does the delivery? Or does the courier company contact you for payment to customs when it arrives in sa and once payment is made the courier will deliver to your door?

    Await your reply. Thanks

    • Hi Naish,
      They handle the customs.
      It will arrive in SA, the courier will notify you of the customs fees, you pay it, they deliver it.
      So if you take a long time to pay the customs, it will take a long time to receive the parcel.
      If you immediately pay the customs, you can get it in the same day (I paid at 7am and it got here at 2pm).
      I’m sure that was a lucky break but still the point remains πŸ™‚

  • Amanda says:

    Hi Meg,

    Does the third postbox courier option charge customs?

    • Hi Amanda,
      No matter what service you use you will need to pay custom fees.

    • Philisiwe Ngcongo says:

      Hi Meg
      I ordered on asos in September and i haven’t received it even now. I’ve tried every think to track it i can’t.It was sent with P2P. Is there anything you can help me with i would appreciate it. Thank you

      • Hi Amanda,
        If you ordered it in September then you should get it by early February.
        You can’t track it unless it’s with a courier.
        If you haven’t gotten it by early February, I would contact ASOS then.

  • Melusi Sizwe Gumede says:

    Hi Meg
    I order a shoe from ASOS last month(April) but i still haven’t receive as yet but when
    i am checking on the tracking order it saying it has been delivered so i wanna
    know that i have to collect it on post office because i put my residential address

    • Hi Melusi, it takes 4 months to get to you. The post office will send you a slip when you can fetch it from them. You can’t put your residential address as they need to charge you customs to collect your shoes.

  • Lungelo says:

    Hi Meg
    I ordered 3 items ob the 3rd of Feb with standard delivery and the estimated date says it will arrive on the 22nd Feb and i havent received my order.. Now I’m worried if i will ever receive my parcel.. Please help

  • Gontse says:

    Hi Meg

    So obviously I decided to just wing it on my first ASOS order and now I understand why some items from “I Saw It First” on takealot.com seem way out of their price range… sigh

    So I want to understand when you spoke about the flat fee of Β£20 is this the express option at checkout? Does this include customs etc.?

    Joburg chick in need of better options! [insert laughing and crying and laughing crying emojis here]

    • HAHA Totally get you Gontse!
      So, yeah, I think the flat fee of 20 quid is the express option at check out.
      Basically, they have like snail mail which you can use to either send to South Africa or use their courier.
      The 20 pound fee is their courier but it doesn’t include customs tax, it’s just the shipping.
      It’s definitely the cheapest and the fastest if you want to buy a lot of stuff and get it here quickly.
      Once it arrives DHL will mail you to pay the customs. The faster you pay it, the faster you will get your stuff πŸ™‚

      • Gontse says:

        Thanks for the response, makes sense.

        Okay so I’m just confused about a couple of things:

        1. My customs worksheet has an “Estimated Value in Foreign Currency” (in GBP) at 40% the value of the order by my calculations. I compared this value from what I paid ASOS (in GBP). What’s going on there?

        2. The exchange rate used is nothing close to anything I can find online, it’s inflated by 33 cents. (I mean I’m nitpicking but I need to know what I am getting myself into)

        3. VAT is supposed to be 15% and I find myself being charged 23%.

        To conclude: Is the real answer here to deal with the payment?

        • 1) South Africa doesn’t have a trade agreement with the UK so they screw you to have nice things! lol
          2) You’re getting yourself into a lot – facts, but I only buy clothes on sale so it’s usually a fair trade.
          3) So if you spend 1000 quid then you’ll pay about 500 in customs excluding shipping fees.

          • Naish says:

            Hi Meg, when you use Express delivery on Asos, does the courier handle your parcel through customs or do they hand it over to SA customs completely and the postal service does the delivery? Or does the courier company contact you for payment to customs when it arrives in sa and once payment is made the courier will deliver to your door?

            Await your reply. Thanks

      • Sash says:

        Hi Meg,

        What is your thoughts on using a U.S courier like “myUs” or “stackry” which gives you a post box to deliver your goods ? cause asos has brand restrictions on some products. Though I’m very skeptical

        • Hi Sash,
          I’ve used Postbox courier before (UK one) but it doesn’t give you any advantages than using ASOS’s courier direct.
          So you can definitely try it, but it won’t save you any customs money – if anything, it’ll cost you more as I think they charge more than 20 quid to get your stuff here.

  • Kayleen says:

    Hi Meg!

    I’ve ordered from Asos using the standard delivery method, I have put my residential address instead of the post office , do you know if it will be delivered to the post office instead?

  • Naish Ruplal says:

    Hi Meg,

    Does Asos express delivery fee cover the SA Customs fee? If not, how is it payable to customs? Do they contact you when your items arrive in SA?

    For the Standard shipping when or how does customs contact you for payment? And how do you make payment to them?

    Await your response. Thank you

    • Hi Naish,

      The courier does not cover the fees. The courier will contact you to pay the customs when it arrives in the country via email.

      For standard shipping – the post office will send you a slip and then you will need to go collect and pay your customs fees there. πŸ™‚

  • Noma says:

    Hi, I would like to know how much will be my customs , I wanna buy a suit (trouser and blazer ) they worth Β£67 . I am thinking of using express delivery and pay that Β£20 .

  • Herminah says:

    Hey Meg, I hope you are well. I want to order two dresses (Cost R3000) on ASOS for my graduations on the 27nth of March, I selected the express delivery which is 20 Pounds, and it says it will be delivered to me before the 11nth of March. How true is this? Will it be through post office or to my door step? Will I get them before that 27nth?

    • Hi Herminah,
      I don’t think you’ll get it by the 11th but you will it by the 27th if you pay the customs and courier fees up front.
      After you pay the Β£20 then the courier company (usually Dawn Wing) will contact you with all the other fees I included in the post.
      It will then take 5 working days from when you pay the extra fees, to reach you.
      So if you pay asap then I’m sure it’ll get to you by the 27th πŸ™‚

    • Dikeledi says:

      Hi Meg I love ASOS cloths is different especially Puma outfit I wanted to spend 3000 how much will be my customs

      • Hey Dikeledi,
        I think it will be about R1500 πŸ™
        So R3000 for your order + 50% of the order value (R1500) = R4500 for everything.
        Please remember though, I don’t work at customs so I’m not 100% sure but this would be my estimate.
        Good luck and let me know if you go through with it πŸ™‚

  • Mary-Ann says:

    Hi Megan

    Very informative,thx,just want to know did you perhaps also try Macy’s and how are their clothes and deliveries?
    Would also like to speak to you personally is that possible?pls leave you contact details or WhatsApp no,pretty please.

  • Storm says:

    Hi there. I ordered something from ASOS and it is with a friend of mine in the UK. Do you have any suggestions on the fastest and most affordable service to ship to SA? I have received reasonable quotes from Parcel Compare but am doubting the legitimacy.

  • Thandeka says:

    Hi meg hope you well so the best courier service is express i love asos cloths its different and unique and i want to spoil myself for my birthday i wanted to spend around R8000 or more πŸ€”Im just wondering how much customs will charge me and the express services can you please assist i also live in cape town

    • Hi Thandeka,
      So if you spend R8000 then you will need to pay about R4000 in customs.
      It’s usually about 50% of the total fee.
      If by express you mean the ASOS courier, then it’s 20 pounds.
      But if you’re buying as much as R8000 then it will probably be much higher because of the weight.
      Hope this helps! Let me know how you go so we can all learn πŸ™‚

  • D says:

    Hi Meg,

    Looking at a pair of PUMA sneakers, and the color and size is only found on ASOS, seems like SA doesn’t want to stock it and I just love it. I onily have the free shipping and the express shipping option (and the latter is 20pounds more) which is arm and a leg i believe πŸ™‚ I am thinking of selecting the free shipping but just wanted to find out if this is trackable?


    • Hi D,
      No, it’s not trackable. ASOS can track it in the UK but once it’s put on the ship, we’re in the dark.
      I’m currently waiting for something from the UK and I have just a wait it out. Usually takes 3 months.

  • Patrina says:

    Hi Meg,

    DMF (discount my fashion) stocks ASOS clothing. They currently only have stores in Gauteng but have been expanding


    • Thanks for the tip Patrina.
      Unfortunately, I live in Cape Town so won’t be able to check DMF out myself.
      But, if you pop by, please let us know if it’s any good πŸ™‚

      • Yasmine says:

        Hi Meg, Try High Street Fashion in Access Park (Kenilworth) and Blue Route Mall (Store just opened recently)

      • Zo says:

        Hi Meg
        On the ASOS mobile app there are two delivery options (standard delivery and express delivery) I want to go for the postbox (trusted service) you recommend above.. where do I select this option?

  • j says:

    Hey! We’re doing a work secret santa (across multiple locations!) and I got a colleague in Cape Town. I’m trying to find the best site to buy her a small gift like a mug or candle, I was thinking Asos but having second thoughts now and when I try to buy off Amazon it asks me to enter an ID number for the person receiving the item which I dont have. Any tips on companies that do gifts/beauty etc that ship from within south africa?

    • Hi Jane,
      Wow, you’re the best secret santa ever! Wish mine got me ASOS!
      I’d recommend Superbalist for something smaller. Netflorest also has a few gifts.
      Good luck! Meg πŸ™‚

    • Raquell says:

      Hi, I ordered a dress off of ASOS and currently I’m still waiting for it, and its passed the due delivery date. How much longer do I have to wait ? πŸ™

      • Hi Raquell,
        I must start by saying that I don’t work for ASOS so I can’t officially comment, but if you want to tell me when you ordered and how it will get here then maybe I can advise personally? Meg πŸ™‚

  • Malebo says:

    Wow, thank you so much for this information, I learned alot Im a plus size mom of three in my early 30s, been wanting to shop in ASOS but was put off by people saying it takes forever, and as you said there is no variety when it comes to shopping as a plus woman, thank you thank you thank you, be blessed babe.

  • Nina b says:

    Very useful info, thank you! ASOS has exactly the dress I have been looking for and I was worried about ordering.

  • Marize says:

    Hi Megan. I ordered a dress on ASOS yesterday and chose the Express Delivery option. When they say the expected delivery date is 5 Sep – is that when it will be at my door? Or from your experience, will it take a lot longer? Thanks for the informative post!

  • Hillbrey says:

    Hi. Would you say postbox courier is the best? Do I avoid paying customs this way? Also, if I’m buying say 4 items, how much do you figure it would be for delivery?

    • Hi Hillbrey,
      There’s no way to avoid customs. You’re bringing in products that don’t support the South African economy (they claim) so you will have customs either way.
      Your customs cost depends on the value of your items, but is generally about 50%. So if you spend R1000 on ASOS, expect to pay R500 in customs.
      Postbox courier works well, but if you want to buy a LOT of items then the ASOS courier is probably better as they have a flat fee of Β£20.

      • Joyce says:

        Hi Meg
        I ordered from ASOS a while back, around November and I still haven’t received my package. I checked with the post office and they said I needed to give them a tracking number, but they said the one I gave them wasn’t a proper tracking number, since it had three letters in the beginning.

        Have you come across a problem like this before?

        • Hi Joyce,
          It usually takes 4 months to arrive and once it leaves the UK you can’t track it.
          So I would wait for 1) November 2) December 3) January 4) February – so at the end of this month there may
          be a light at the end of the tunnel! The SA post office is useless so don’t count on them for much πŸ™

          • Thabiso says:

            Hi Meg

            Thank you so much for the very informative blog. I also ordered a pair of shoes in December through the standard delivery option. Still waiting. I’m really in no rush though, however I would like to know if I will receive a message or a letter from the post office once it arrives?

          • Hi Thabiso,
            Yes, the post office will send you a slip when your shoes arrive.
            Then you can go to the post office, pay your customs tax and get your shoes, yippppeeee!
            Good luck and I hope you get them by Easter haha
            Meg πŸ™‚

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