Nike’s Women’s Air Max 90’s in Metallic Chrome

I’m not the biggest hype beast on the planet (ya-duh), but when I saw these Nike’s they stopped me in my tracks. CHROMEEEEE! Yoh! These Women’s Air Max 90’s in Metallic Chrome are lush!

Part of the 30 year celebration of the Air Max, the collection rolled out with chrome and platinum. Nike says,

“…We’re marking the anniversary with gilded editions of the storied silhouette. This elegant take on a classic Nike Air design will give your rotation some extra shine.” –

Collectable Nike’s in Cape Town

I do love the classic 90’s silhouette of the Air Max’s, however, I have a pair in the 7’s which are a smidge too small for me. I have a wide foot so if I can’t get a half or an 8 then they’re not comfortable for long term wear. The lace up also particularly neat on a broader foot, which slightly impacts the silhouette.

They’re available for R2 599.00 on my favourite sneaker store, Shelflife, but unfortunately they rarely get a size 8 in their catalogues.

They’re also available in the Airforce 1’s, a design which has been growing on me of late. I’ve never tried them on and, you know what looks good online or on someone else may not look good on you! So I need to try some Airforce 1’s to know whether I’m in or out. The Airforce 1’s in metallic silver are available for R2 399.99.

They are available on the Nike store, but they’re not shipping to South Africa (and the customs would kill me) and Archive is sold out. #SnoozeYouLose

I appreciate that these could look a little gaudy, but I think with some clever styling they could look amazing. Also, basically, it’s just fun to have something a bit different and considering I hate patterns this metallic is sick.



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