[REVIEW] Taste of Cape Town 2012

I attended the Taste of Cape Town 2012 for the 5th time last night. Sadly, I thought it was a bit of a cheek that we were charged for parking when we had to park so far away. R20 isn’t a lot of money but considering there was such limited parking space (they’re building over last year’s parking lot), I thought it was poor form on the Festival / Stadium’s part (I’m not sure who is responsible). So expect to walk blocks!

Ignoring that hiccup, the festival seemed much fuller on a Thursday than it usually does and there were a few potential parties that were also looking for a lift off (See Gordon’s Gin stand on Jigga Jagga stand). I had marked off what I wanted to try and really went all out! The food was awesome as to be expected. Each year I try something unusual, last night I had the gorgonzola stuffed figs with gemsbok – I really didn’t like it! The first time I’ve had something I don’t usually eat and didn’t like it BOO! But in their defense, I’m not a fan of strong cheese.

The rest of the food was really gorgeous. I had all 3 items from the Planet Restaurant: Duck Tortellini, BBQ Pork and ‘Do You Wanna See My Stiiiiik?’. ALL were delicious! I also had all 3 from Bistro Sixteen82: Spanish Pork Meatballs, Rare Roast Fillet and Yoghurt Panacotta. They were all really filling and divine. The winning pudding of the day hands down goes to La Colombe. The Chocolate torte, tobacco caramel, Hennessy marshmellows (you won’t BELIEVE how much flavour are in these tiny cubes!), coffee meringues and hazelnut crumble was worth every crown – all 7 of them, a MUST do.

As per usual it was a romantic night out with lots of couples indulging in the delights of the kitchens. There is ample space in the walk ways with enough dustbins around (please throw your own plates away and do not leave them on the tables). There are tables and chairs available but I still not quite enough, the “eating perches” get filled up as do the tables, there could be more of these but we found somewhere to sit most of the time or didn’t have to wait too long.

Enjoy all the stalls with their fresh produce from tequila to chilli salt, prego sauce and ice cream, The Taste Festival is still a must do on the Cape Town calendar – ENJOY!

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