What Are Those Beehive Things on Table Mountain?!

20120620-154551.jpgAny time something unusual happens on Table Mountain then my curiosity is piqued! For a few weeks I’ve been watching a corner of Devil’s Peak, along side the M3, get urbanised. Well this may be an over statement but a fence has been erected and now there are some bee hive type structures!

What on earth are they doing?

I rang Table Mountain National Park to inquire as to whether they were starting a bee farm but alas they are not. This closed off area is for research purposes. The Cape Research Center has put little boxes down to keep small mammals out so that the seed germination process can be monitored in order to try rehabilitate the area.

20120620-154626.jpgWho woulda thunk?! I still think a bee farm is cool but having a bunch zooming around the 5pm traffic probably wouldn’t be THAT practical!

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