Local Music at Rocking the Daisies 2012

Here’s a funny problem to have, I watch bands so often that really there wasn’t much that I wanted to see this year at Rocking the Daisies. Most of the bands featured weren’t to my particular taste so I just took a few video snippets here and there.

I can say that Jeremy Loops was a fun gig on Saturday afternoon. His set was at the perfect time as people wanted to have a little boogie but not go mad. As the sun set and their drinks went down, Jeremy Loops was the perfect accompaniment. Desmond and the Tutus are always great but they visit Cape Town quite a lot so I didn’t stay for their whole set. Isochronous did their cover of Skrillex nicely but they sound like the Petshop Boys, who I don’t hate, but I don’t love either. Nonetheless, the audience was happy and having a good time to all their sets 🙂

I’m not a big house music fan but I enjoyed Terrence Pearce’s set with UK bass influences. I’m a big fan of UK garage and felt there were little snippets of it, me like! Of course Das Kapital never fails to rinse out and did himself very proud following on from an international (Koan Sound). Toby 2 Shoes played his brand of swing but I was a little disappointed as I would have liked to have heard more balkan beats as I’m not very familiar with that style and wanted to learn. Rudeone was the only Dj presenting drum n bass that night and went in hard. The audience didn’t seem to mind though!

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    1. says: BoringCapeTownChick

      Yeah I’ve seen Desmond quite a lot, would have liked to have seen Wrestlerish or some other up country band. DATT play every year! Das Kapital did a really gr8 job because he plays his own tunes, talks to the audience (in a good way, not annoying way) and gives an honest, rocking performance. I missed Beast this year but saw them last year 🙂