Cook Your Mom an Awesome Meal with Doorbell Deli For Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend! And if you’re anything like me, you’re totally unprepared and have ZERO ideas! I don’t know why, but for Mother’s day, Father’s day, birthdays, I’m no good when it comes to gifts. An actual rendition of what happens in my mind:

Throughout the year, if I see clothing in a mall or a gift somewhere I always think, “Oh that’s so Ang.” or “That’s so AJ” or “That’s so cute for Mom.” But then I never buy them because I think, “Ag well their birthday is still 7 months ago, I won’t bother.” And by the time it is their birthday I’VE FAILED!

Doorbell Deli To the Rescue

So if you’re horrible like I am, why not make a beautiful meal for your mom? Most of us don’t live with our Moms any more so it might be a nice change to cook her something. I teamed up with Doorbell Deli this weekend to see just how handy their delivery service is and to see what feast I could make for my Mom. Here’s what we ordered:


What Did I Order?

There are 2 braai boxes that are perfect for Mother’s Day. One that feeds 2 – 4 people and one that feeds 4 – 6 people. There are also add-ons under chicken/beef, etc. They even have a vegan broth so that no one gets left out (salad gets really boring for those who prefer no animal products).

But I also wanted to try some of their other offers so I bought 2 sirloin steaks and a punnet of mince. I also bought a block of award-winning cheddar cheese and a cheese similar to parmesan. I LOVE parmesan, but it can be quite pricey so I’m looking for a more affordable, appropriate substitute.


What’s For Lunch?

Mr John and I thought long and hard about how we could make the most of each of our products. Not only does Doorbell Deli offer meats, but also high-quality dairy products. So I had 2 kinds of cheese to consider, chicken and beef products. So we decided to have a lovely autumn braai and go all out. We packed our meats, packed our cat and went outside for the last of the autumn sun:

What a Feast!

Well, needless to say, we had enough food to feed an army! We had SO much food that even though I’m going away this weekend (and won’t be in town for Mother’s Day) I packed my Mom and Dad a lunch box so that they could enjoy the food today.

We made hamburgers, boerewors rolls, chops, chicken sosaties and steak. I also took the opportunity to make chimichurri sauce for the first time as well as my own tarragon mayonnaise used on a brussel sprout salad (more leftovers in the fridge not going to waste!).


Needless to say, my Mom and Dad loved their lunch today.

Doorbell Deli Recommendations

Cheddar – the cheddar does not work for melting on hamburgers. It’s a far better quality cheese so we recommend using this in a salad or somewhere where it can be enjoyed as is.

Parma Prince Cheese – The parmesan styled cheese won an award at the SA Cheese Awards so I was keen to give it a go. It was very firm so was not suitable “peeling” over salad. Grate it instead and the rich flavour will enhance your meal 100%. It’s half the price of parmesan and equally as delicious.

Boerewors – The Boerewors was outstanding. Absolutely delicious, snapped just like it should yet had tons of flavour and was extremely juicy. Highly recommend this.

Mince – We used the mince to make burgers but it had a much leaner fat content so we don’t feel they were that successful. They held their shape but burgers need fat to remain juicy. I’d love to use this in a lasagne though where the rich beef flavour can really shine. Quality was fantastic, I just think we used it incorrectly.

Steak – The steak we made with chimichurri was epic! We made it medium-well (basically because we’re not that good at braaiing), and it was still heavenly! Would highly recommend adding a sirloin to your braai box.

Chicken – They came pre-marinated which was super helpful. We overcooked these as well #EISH and they still tasted good, LOL! So give them a go if you’re not novel braaiiers like we are – or if you are new, try them but don’t overdo them like we did!

I haven’t had a chop yet as I didn’t manage to pack them in for lunch, but they cooked super well so I’m looking forward to them.

Doorbell Deli FAQ

How Much is the Delivery?

Delivery is not free, but it’s affordable. Mine only cost R35, which I was happy with (I hate it when you buy something for R200 then the delivery is R100 and you’re like, WHY?!).

How Do I Pay?

Doorbell Deli has a number of payments options. I chose Snapscan; where it promised to mail me a QR code to scan, but it just never came through! But before I could get annoyed I saw, “Instant EFT” and gave that a crack.

It was actually a great thing as it lets you log in with your banking details (direct on the DD site), click pay, which you validate by opening your mobile banking app and confirming. YAY! (Because I was hating the idea of having to get up and fetch my bag to get my bank cards!)

Give Doorbell Deli a crack this week and make Mother’s Day even MORE special by giving your mom your TIME and sharing a beautiful meal with her and your family. 🙂




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