[INTERVIEW] Dead Letter Circus (Australia) At the Assembly Tonight!

DLC on to AfricaDead Letter Circus from Australia are performing at the Assembly TONIGHT! They’ve been so busy getting their butts here that I JUST got the replies from my interview. Here’s what they’ve got to say about touring South Africa and what to expect tonight:

BCTC: South Africa is looking forward to see you on your first tour to South Africa. What are your expectations from the crowd?

DLC: To be honest, none of us really know what to expect from South Africa!!! We’ve never been here before and we’re not even sure how many people are familiar with our music!!! But we’re gonna put on our best DLC show for everyone and hopefully everyone enjoys it.

BCTC: Is the tour set list composed of mainly new songs from The Catalyst Fire or your previous releases?

DLC: The South Africa set will be a mixture of songs from ALL of our releases. The Catalyst Fire, This Is The Warning and the first EP. We like to play a cross section of music from the entire catalogue because people have their favourite records, and we want to keep everyone happy.

BCTC: The intro of the song “This is the warning” is quite thought provoking. Was it sampled from somewhere or did you create it? Please tell us more.

DLC: That was a sound bite we grabbed from a radio show in the States called Coast To Coast FM. It’s an interview with a guy called Graham Hancock. He’s an amazing investigative journalist who researches a variety of subjects including lost civilisations, ancient  knowledge and altered states of consciousness!

In that sound bite, you’ll hear him talking about the suppression of our most basic human rights. Not for our own safety, but so the “powers that be” can keep greater control over us. Quite often to us, it feels as if we’re not living the abundant, amazing lives we should be (as an entire population), because those at the top want to keep that gap between the haves and the have nots.

BCTC: You’ve released The Catalyst Fire on vinyl, what was the reasoning behind this?

DLC: It’s just something special that we like to do to give really dedicated fans a chance to own something limited. Obviously the digital age has meant that these older formats like vinyl aren’t really needed, but people like the nostalgia and being able to listen to their favourite records on a different format.

BCTC: What’s the craziest thing that’s happened on stage that threw you for a loop?

DLC: We’ve had a few things go down! People rushing the stage to dance along to a song, naked guys stage diving, band members falling over, kim swinging off, and breaking lighting trusses and a bunch of stuff i’m sure i’ve forgotten about (due to alcohol)!!

Get your tickets for Dead Letter Circus and The Narrow tonight at the Assembly from Computicket for R180 pp.

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