[NEW] Die Antwoord Video: Pitbull Terrior

The new Die Antwoord video: Pitbull Terrior is out and it’s left me in two minds for various reasons. Straight off the bat I’ve been pro Die Antwoord because I’m proud of, and respect, any South African who makes it in the arts globally. Having said that, I am critical as our uniqueness is what separates us. The music for Pitbull Terrior doesn’t sound very new though. It has a heavy resemblance (in style not actual sounds) to the menacing beats of the Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. It’s like the Fire Starter and Block Rocking Beats had a love child. I assumed it was a different producer, however, the credits say it’s DJ Hi-Tec, The Antwoord’s regular beat maker.

Visually, it’s very Die Antwoord with a touch of gore, obscurity and fright. I think the make up is really well done. Yolandi Visser looks like an alien which is great. I like things unseen before. Although I was scared she was about to bust into a dance routine. Not that I’m against dance routines…I’m just against them in Die Antwoord vidoes 😉

I am a little over the abandoned building theme in videos, however, they covered the building with Die Antwoord art which makes it like a Die Antwoord land – instantly recognisable.

While the beats are hard and a bit 90’s-ish, heard before, however, I’ve missed those beats. So am I a hypocrite for saying, “heard it all before – damn I miss that sound!”? I’m fascinated that they’ve moved so far from using the Afrikaans language. A part of me understands why – because no one in America speaks Afrikaans! BUT it’s also those lyrics that got them there. Evolving or “selling out”? I put selling out in inverted commas because I don’t really believe in the concept of selling out – artists can do whatever they want with their art in my opinion. But for arguments’ sake – selling out?

It is a good song? Yeah. I think so. I can hear a lot of remixes coming from it and they might even be better. Give it  listen yourself and please let me know what you think:

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