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This is a random thought, but it’s one that I’ve had for a while that’s kinda been bothering me. So you know how everyone has t-shirts with designs of countries or places on them? But 90% of the time the people wearing those shirts haven’t even been to the places on their shirts? MYSELF INCLUDED! That NY cap you’re wearing…been to New York? That London or Paris t-shirt you love? Have you BEEN to London or Paris?! Some of you will say yes, most of you will say no. It’s not like you can avoid it.

The designs on t-shirts these days have gotten worse and worse. I try to avoid t-shirts with massive brand labels, garish brand names, too much sparkle or too frilly. I’m pretty fussy when it comes to t-shirts. Wearing brand names when you’re a teenager is fun because you feel the need for people to know you’re cool and have spent a silly amount of money on an ugly t-shirt. When you get older, trends go out and style comes in.

As I’ve kept this in mind, I’ve really been looking for t-shirts that are a bit more “me”. More well thought out and perhaps represent what I’ve seen or done. So when EightyThree clothing approached me to tell me about their campaign to promote proudly South African cities, all I could do is say SHUT UP! This is EXACTLY what I’ve had in my mind!


EightyThree sent me their Cape Town t-shirt and I LOVE it! And it fits! A large is a large and I can wear it without any issues (usually t-shirts for women are rubbish, but let me not get onto that now). Dino from EightyThree says,

“Our main aim is to change the current trend of wearing products featuring New York, London or Paris instead of our own cities. Our country and city has so much to offer and it seems like the majority seem to feel we can’t produce international quality products and don’t embrace local brands.”


IMG_8529  IMG_8530

The t-shirts come in a protective box, delivered to your door. Here’s me attempting to fashion blog. Arg. I won’t give up my day job!

Blogger in eightythree t-shirt on the street  Blogger in eightythree t-shirt on the street

100% check out EightyThree. Support a “local is lekker” brand and represent our beautiful cities! People in NEW YORK and LONDON should be wearing OUR t-shirts, not the other way around. Check them out and let’s fill the SA world with great proudly South African clothing.

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