Sneak Peek: ERA Night Club

ERA Cape Town Lounge dance floor and DJ BoxThursday night saw Cape Town’s latest club offering welcome media and socialites to their soft launch. Immediately from the street one could see the ERA Logo shining and changing colours. I was impressed as their social media had promised an aural and visual experience and this was showing promise.

There have been a lot of half finished clubs around Cape Town in recent years so upon entering and seeing how much effort had been put into the decor, was another plus. We were greeted by the sounds of a smooth bass. I say this because the club has a Funktion 1 sound system (not the first in Cape Town) but when set up properly: is sublime. Every beat of every line can be heard not because the volume is blowing your head off, in fact, on the contrary – because it system is so well balanced that you can feel the beats but still have a perfectly audible conversation without having to scream. It’s difficult to explain how something can be loud and soft at the same time, but it is.

ERA Cape Town
ERA is filled with funny textures and lights which has been taken to the next level. The lounge DJ box (street level floor) has project mapping which looks amazing. Only Cape Town drum n bass night Pressure has consistent project mapping and it really does look amazing.

ERA Cape Town LightsThe walls also had lots of different textures. The bar wall was made of stained glass, the DJ box had spikes with lights embedded, they had a wooden teepee with lights climbing onto the roof, as well as a “Domo” carpet on the wall (it looks like Domo turned into a rug haha) and a giant set of headphones which one could sit in and enjoy an increase of bass volume. Don’t actually know how that things works. It was a very cool space.

ERA Cape Town Giant Headphones

ERA Cape Town Entrance doorWe then ventured downstairs to the underground club section (the same size as above yet with less seating). We entered through a door that was like an illuminated submarine door completed with welded colours in the design.

ERA absorbs you and integrates you with the light experience. They have a screen that reacts to your movements as you walk past. Mimicking your body language and reflecting what you do in an array of weird and wonderful colours. There is an extensive bar along the left side of the dance floor (let’s hope it’s well staffed!). The entire dance floor has LED “piping” I can say, which runs down the bar, roof and opposite wall towards the DJ box giving visitors the experience of being in a light tunnel which swirls and switches and flashes throughout the night.

ERA Cape Town Lights

ERA Cape Town Dancefloor LightsERA looked amazing (also had nice snacks, thanks for the steak kofta with tzatziki, was tasty!) and has been feeling like I’m 21 again and venturing into the big, wide, wonderful city for a night of music and mischief. It’s great to feel like I’m young and somewhere new again. I really hope ERA does well, my only concern is that it will be over written by douche bags and the creative, trend factor will over take the music factor. Please Cape Town – if you visit ERA, behave yourself LOL!!!

ERA Cape Town Downstairs dance floorIf you’d like to visit ERA this weekend for the official launch, register on their website and buy your tickets for the Era Cape Town Launch on Webtickets (they claim both are required to enter). The line up includes:

Agugio 10-11pm
Surprise guest International 11pm – 12am
Clinton Dodgen 12am – 1am
Rob Toca 1am – 2am
Yeti 2am – 3am
Sound Language 3am – 4am

Well done ERA, long may your great efforts last. PS Can you please crank up the aircon, it was a little warm inside.

Era Grand Opening

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