Sort out Last Minute Gifting with Zestly Boxes

Guys! I haven’t had a moment to tell you about this really lovely gift that was dropped off at home for me. It came from Zestly box who specialise in delivering gift boxes for birthdays or thank yous or anything else that you need a quality present for. I say quality because Zestly pride themselves on providing gourmet products that can’t be bought willy-nilly in any old store – making the package more unique and special.


What’s Inside?

Initially I thought, how am I going to share the contents of this box? I haven’t used any of the products yet and Mr John’s eaten half of them! And therein lay the genius. SO often gift boxes have really short term products that are eaten in 1 day and it’s gone before it can be cherished. The Zestly box has a number of “short term” items like Drakensberg chocolate, peanut brittle and Uber Flavour, which is like an iced tea. Mr John at the peanut brittle in 2 seconds and said it was the best one he’d ever had!


Lasting Presents

The other products in the box included “Ouma Swesie Se Spens”, meaning, Granny Swesie’s pantry. There’s also Chilli Basil paste, which I think would be amazing for a pasta dish, maybe a chilli, garlic and olive oil pasta, a classic, but a goodie.  Another REALLY weird and wonderful item was the Olives chocolate salami. I haven’t opened it yet because all the while I thought it was actual salami! The garlic from Oume Swesie Se Spens left a tiny garlic note in the box – which I misinterpreted as the salami! The salami is ACTUALLY a chocolate roll with nuts and spices inside – nothing to do with meat!


I haven’t used the natural peanut butter yet as I don’t eat toast (my favourite, but it’s spring and I’m trying to be good), but it can sit in my pantry until I’m ready for it.

How it Works

Go to the Zestly website and select a box that you feel would suit your receiver. There’s a mystery box which is filled with fun items (I think this is the one I got) as well as a classic or sweet box. Delivery takes 2 – 4 working days and they recommend sending it somewhere where the person is during working hours. Zestly is also a subscription gourmet box, so you could get a box per month if you were curious and keen on cooking yourself.


I’ll be straight up and say this is a service for working professionals. The boxes cost around R310 and R370 the delivery is R60 nationwide. This is exactly the kind of thing I would send to friends up in Joburg or Pretoria, especially because us working women find it tricky to go shopping and spend time thinking about gifts. Zestly is super convenient that way as you can shop online, it gets delivered and the products are well researched and provide something new and different – the receiver of the gift can’t just walk into Pick n Pay and buy these products. Let them know I sent you if you decide to try them out 🙂

*This is not a commission post, however Zestly did send me their mystery box so I could try their products for myself. All words in this review are of my own opinion.

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