I’m Eating Breakfast Thanks to The Larder

I am SO frikken in love with the Larder, it’s actually a joke. Here’s why… I don’t do early mornings, eggs, coffee or breakfasts. I hate milk, I hate eggs, I don’t drink coffee. When you hate those things you pretty much take yourself out of the running for breakfast. Plus, coupled with the fact that I used to work night shift and Mr John is a DJ, being up all night and skipping breakfast has been pretty easy to do most of my life. BUT now days I have a day job, which means I tend to spend more time at home on a Friday night.

My late-late nights have become late nights and my late-late night breakfasts (think Steers 4am) are turning into late Saturday morning breakfasts, which I’ve kinda been enjoying – thanks to the Larder.

The LarderThe Larder

I first learnt about them when they sent me a lovely package a few months back. While I was organising my wedding, it was comforting to eat a delicious gluten-free heart-shaped brownie when I really needed the moral support! So my friend, Phill Black and I met there for a delicious breakfast one morning and I’ve been going back ever since. In fact, I’ve NEVER eaten at a restaurant so much as I have at the Larder without sharing it on my blog. Selfishly, I probably want to keep it for myself. I dread the day I have to wait for a table! And it’s coming. SOON.

Situated at the back of Cavendish, well, it’s more to the side of Cavendish, the back side! Basically drive out the Woolies underground parking towards the Absa and you’ll find it on the right. Parking is quite easy to find and if you want to pop over to Cavendish to do a few errands, it’s a convenient place to be too.

The LarderThe LarderIMG_7960

I’ve already converted a few friends who I bump into there now, regularly! The food is that good! Sonia, the owner, has had no trouble with her PR either, with features in Fairlady and on Espresso a few week’s back, this lady has got the food game down. She used to work for Johnny Depp which is why her signature breakfast is called…the Johnny Depp…and it’s my favourite 🙂

The Larder Johnny DeppThe LarderThe Larder

I love it because the reason why I ‘hate eggs’ is actually because I hate yolks. But at the Larder they make my poached eggs yolk free and that is why I am so damn happy! Their béarnaise sauce is also on point and they use really good quality bacon. NOTHING tastes boiled, like so much South African bacon ends up as.

The Larder not only has bacon and egg type breakfasts but mushroom and baked options too. I had their carrot cake for Mother’s Day (I bought it for my Mom too) and it was DELICIOUS! Not too sweet but with the lovely cream cheese icing.

The LarderIMG_7967

The Larder has a really simple exterior and interior, their focus in on good, quality food with low sugar alternatives. So for those of you looking for a gluten option or banting, definitely check out their menu.

The LarderThe Larder

The Larder has also started a supper club now! Make sure you visit the Larder Facebook page to find out about their latest suppers.

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