The 3 Funniest Episodes of Friends

Mr John and I have finally finished all 10 seasons of FRIENDS! I’d been watching it in patches over the past 20 years and when it was added to Netflix I committed to watching them ALL. I’ve been laughing out loud for the past 4 months with these 3 episodes being my ABSOLUTE favourites!

T’s & C’s, there are LOTS of epic episodes like the last one and the “We were on a break” and and and, but these are the 3 funniest. So the next time you need to cheer up, stick on of these on and enjoy!

The One in Barbados (S9 E23)

This episode wasn’t in the usual rhythm of the other episodes, but seeing Monica’s hair “mince” was literally my whole life. As someone¬†with curly hair, I know ALL about having uncontrollable hair so I loved this one! This episode is HILARIOUS! My 3 favourite lines are,

“It’s the HUMIDITY!!!”

“You knock that dog off her head!”

“Your hair is inexplicable.”

I DIE of laughter.

The One with Chandler in a Box (S4 E8)

In this episode, Chandler stays in a box to show Joey how sorry he is for dating his ex-girlfriend. Monica is also dating Richard’s son and wearing an eye patch. Funny!

The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath (S8 E13)

The comedic timing of this scene is just brilliant. Obviously, it’s better if you watch the whole episode as there’s a build up and everything, but this really did have me cracking up.




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