How To Order ASOS in South Africa

If you’ve been watching my InstaStories of late, you will know that I’m obsessed with ASOS and have been for about 5 years! I absolutely love their clothes because they fit my style perfectly and make me feel happy! The items I buy the most of are dresses and tops. So I’m here to share my knowledge with the online clothing store.

What the Hell is ASOS?

ASOS is an e-comm store that aggregates the best of high street fashion while offering their own ranges in “normal”, tall, petite, maternity, plus size and more. They offer big brands like BooHoo and Adidas as well as their in-house brand, ASOS.


3 Reasons Why ASOS is Better Than Local Shopping

  1. Inclusive. I feel like South Africa has a serious issue with ageism when it comes to shopping. You shop at Mr Price as a kid, YDE until you’re 25, Woolworths until you’re 40 then Queen’s Park until you die. WHY?! Brands need to cater for more sizes and be more inclusive.
  2. Sizing. When you’re over a size 12 your clothes immediately become boring, frumpy and DULL in South Africa. I’ve NEVER been able to shop at stores like The Lot and it’s been a decade since I could fit into anything at YDE.
  3. Unique. If you shop at Mr Price, Edgars or H&M you are GUARANTEED to be at a party with someone else wearing the same outfit. ARG! All hail to ASOS, the shop that allows us to all be unique.

Our audience (AKA you) is wonderfully unique. And we do everything we can to help you find your fit, offering our ASOS Brands in more than 30 sizes – and we’re committed to providing all sizes at the same price – so you can be confident we’ve got the perfect thing for you. – ASOS

How To Find Bargains on ASOS

Shopping in the great British pound ain’t cheap. Except it is on ASOS! They have MASSIVE savings ALL the time, with items up to 70% off! Here’s how I get huge savings on the fashion site:

  1. Go to Outlet (this is their sale section).
  2. Sort by price first so you get the lowest prices.
  3. Sort by size or colour to shape the results – they have TONS of stuff!
  4. Preview the clothes to see them in “motion”.
  5. Add to Bag if you like or keep shopping for more!

Happy shopping! Watch below how I navigate the site:

How To Ship ASOS Clothes to South Africa

There are 3 main ways to get ASOS to South Africa. Snail mail (traditional post), ASOS courier (Dawn Wing) and an external courier (Postbox Courier). I’ve written the good, the bad and the ugly truth about each service HERE.

Does Using a Courier Save You Any Money?

Using a courier can save you money. For example. you need to spend $60 to get free international shipping on Kylie Cosmetics, but you only need to spend $40 to get free local shipping. So in that instance, I will only spend $40, get it sent to my American post box and that’ll indirectly save me $20, which I then rather use to cover the cost of the shipping.


Payment Issues on ASOS

Sometimes, when you put your credit card details into ASOS, it doesn’t like the fact that your credit card address (probably your home address) differs from the Postbox Courier address. To get around this, just buy yourself a gift voucher on the ASOS site. This is sent to you, usually, within 15 minutes. When you check out, you simply put the voucher number in and pay that way. That way, they have already charged your credit card and because vouchers are digital (e-mailed to you), the address doesn’t matter.

Paying With PayPal

I prefer to pay with PayPal if I have money in the account. For example, I’ve done blog posts in the past and been paid via PayPal. I just leave the money in the account and then use it for international shopping. It saves you on the exchange rate.

What Fees Should You Expect

There are 3 main types of fees to expect:

  1. Shipping Fees – Usually this is free if you spend over a certain amount of money.
  2. Custom Fees – This is the cost that you have to pay for shopping for apparel from outside the country.
  3. Courier Fees – This is the actual cost of having the courier work for you.

Most of the time I haven’t been charged custom fees, for some reason. Sometimes I have to pay, sometimes I don’t. I think it comes down to who is working that day and how big the parcel is. The last “shipment” I got was nearly 2kgs so I had to pay for the customs there.

Custom Fees

Whether you use snail mail or courier, you will need to pay custom fees. This sucks. So when I’m shopping on ASOS I basically double the price. If the dress costs R100, then I’ll expect to pay R200 in total. This gives me a more realistic idea of what it will cost to actually get to my front door.

It’s important to put the value (what you spent) on the courier note. If you don’t do this, the courier can get fined for trying to bring items into the country for less than their true value (even though this has nothing to do with them and they trusted what you put down). So put the real value down otherwise they will receive a R500 fine, you items will be delayed a month and they will have to pay the fine.

Courier Fees

Currently, 1 kg of clothes from the UK (USA is about double this) costs £19 (R360), 2 kgs cost £27 (R500), 3 kgs cost £35 (R660). This sounds expensive but 1kg is quite a lot if you’re only buying tops or light dresses!


It’s Expensive, Why Bother?

Yes, sometimes it can be pricey. But, quite frankly, I’m stick to death of shopping in South Africa and feeling ugly and excluded. I’d rather pay a bit more and have epic clothes that no one else has, than constantly wear old, frumpy items just because the South African retail market can’t cater to all body types!

I also love the quality. The quality of these “cheap” clothing items is ten times better than Mr Price or Pick n Pay. And while I do get the odd items there, anytime I get something from ASOS it fits, I feel great and I don’t have to apologise for being tall and curvy!

I only shop on sale. My new navy dress was about £20 off! It’s an AMAZING dress and if I’d bought it for full price, it would have cost me the same either way! It’s a lot cheaper to shop and ship it here than buying a plane ticket to England and get it there!


My ASOS Orders and Huge Savings

I’ve been ordering ASOS to South Africa for a few years, here are some of the biggest savings I’ve landed to date:


Closing Thoughts…

I absolutely love shopping on ASOS. If you’re stuck about what size you are, I’m a 16 top and 18 bottom. That’s a large top and extra large bottom (I’m 5’10”, 173 centimeters and usually wear a 36-38 top). If you’ve bought ANY clothing from the UK, check the label and be honest about whether you need a larger or small size.

I’m disciplined about not buying a design I LOVE if I KNOW a 16 isn’t there (my size). Don’t waste money shipping things out if you know that it probably won’t fit. There are so many amazing items on the site; happy shopping!

If you have any further queries, feel free to leave them in a comment section below 🙂

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  1. says: Happy Customer

    FYI: ordered online on ASOS first time ever on the 19th of August 2022.
    Thanks to Megs blogs, paid express delivery 20 pounds
    Received my parcel just now 24th August as indicated on the site
    Paid R2000 customs (inclusive standard DHL R200 delivery fee) for order of 165 pounds.
    Paid customs fee as soon as received
    Thank you Meg for your blog(Meg is always right LOL)
    Happy Customer! ASOS currently has an 80% sale. Enjoy

    1. says: Fatima Baiyent

      Hi, please advise, what was the custom fee? I want to order for R1300- it says shipping at 10% is included.

      1. says: Sizile

        I’ve been try to pay customs from south Africa so that my order will arrive but I don’t know how to, and where to deposit the money please help me!!!

  2. says: Yolisa

    Hi Meg!!
    i want to try ASOS this year for the first time and have read about 100 reviews on it and unfortunately I have read more bad reviews than good reviews.
    So how many times did you buy from them and do you recommend I buy from them? cos I am not about to spend so much for nothing lol

    Luv ya btw

    1. Hey Yolisa!
      I personally love buying from ASOS because I’m tall and “old”.
      Meaning, in South Africa I feel like you can buy from The Lot or YDE if you are smaller than a size 10.
      I haven’t been a size 10 in YEARS! So I love ASOS because I can follow my own unique style, in my side and no one ever has the same outfit!
      It is expensive but I personally love it. If you’re able to shop in South Africa more easily then I doubt you’ll need to shop at ASOS.
      Good luck!
      Meg 🙂

  3. says: Josh

    Hi 🙂 I ordered a few things 1st July and im still waiting 🙁 Its rough having to have paid for everything, the wait is killing me.. whats your guestimate on when i could potentially get my goodies? 🙁

  4. says: Lucy

    Hi Meg,
    Thanks for writing this blog. I’m from the Uk and really miss the shops there. I was wondering if you could provide a list of all the UK and US shops that do ship here. I’m particularly interested in those that include the customs costs in the final total. I understand that M&S, Ebay and Boden and Amazon (sometimes) ship here. Do you know of others?

    I’m also interested in how you set up a post box and the couriers you use.
    Look forward to your response.

    1. Hi Mary-Ann! I also fell victim to Black Friday on ASOS 🙈 I chose courier though (ouch) because I was also afraid it would take 6 months to arrive. When checking other courier sites, they say they are working, however, shipments are slow due to a limited number of flights. I took this to mean that they ARE working. But I guess time will tell. I just placed an order so let’s see! Meg

      1. Hi Mary-Ann,
        Just to let you know that I received my new dresses already!
        Took less than a week to arrive (via courier). Pretty crazy but true!
        So if you go that route, you will receive them, if you use regular mail I think it will take
        the typical four months. Good luck! Meg 🙂

  5. says: Jason

    I have an order stuck at customs from ASOS haha and I am being charged 1.3k customs on an order I paid 1.3k for. It’s 2 shoes a sweater and a shorts. Is this normal? Can I dispute it and have you had this happen? This thread is a Godsend haha Thanks

    1. Ag no! No, this hasn’t happened to me before.
      Maybe you can take your proof of payment along with you or reject the parcel until someone charges your fairly?
      I really have no idea how else to help, I’m sorry 🙁 WHY does the post office do this?!

  6. says: Kay


    I took a look at ASOS website and I was instantly hooked. I am now interested in purchasing winter clothes from them to the value of about R4000. I must say that I have never bought anything overseas and therefore I am feeling uneasy especially over such a huge purchase. I have gone through your article and I guess I was wanted to find out how much do you think I’ll be looking to pay for customs before I buy.

    Also, would you/ have you ever spent around that much from them?

    1. Hi Kgabo,
      I think you’ll end up paying about R2000 in customs and tax.
      So if you buy R4000 worth of clothes, it will cost you R6000 in the end.
      I hope that helps! I suggest spending a smaller about of money just to test it out.
      Then, if you’re happy with the quality, spend more a second time.
      Good luck 🙂

  7. says: Kirsten

    Hi so Ive placed an order on the 3rd of February and got an email that it has been dispatched from ASOS on 7th feb but havent got any further updates since. It says it should be delivered on the 24th but i doubt thats hapening as there is no updates. I chose standard delivery, to Cape Town.

    Will i receive my order?

  8. says: Tshepi

    Hey Meg I ordered some clotes a few days ago (25 Jan 2019) and I used the Express delivery and paid £20 extra they said the package will arrive at the adress I provided on the 30th of January after reading your comments I’m wondering whether I should actually take their word for it or am I gonna wait like 3 months or something like that?

    1. Hi Tshepi,
      The courier 100% works but is just pricey. You should have it within 2 weeks, but then it will take time to get to you from whichever harbour it lands in.
      Dawn Wing (if I recall correctly) will contact you about paying your custom feeds and their admin fee (R300 I think).
      Please do come back to me and confirm when it arrives 🙂
      YAY for ASOS drops!

    2. says: Mary-Ann

      Hi Tshepi

      Hope your doing good and blessed , I would really want to know did your received your order , being lock down ? I would like to place an order but afraid they can only deliver after all this pandemic is over , pls help

  9. says: Coco

    I just wanna share my experience
    I order my ASOS clothes with standar delivery on the third of November and today is the 23th of November and it’s ready to be collected.
    Although I have a question I used a different surname on my ASOS détail will it be a problem to get it ?

    1. That’s incredible! Maybe the post office is finally getting its act together!
      Regarding the collection, do you have an ID with the name you used?
      I doubt they’ll let you pick up a parcel if you can’t prove you are the person in some way 🙁

      1. says: H

        Hi there,

        I’m looking to order shoes – how do I select the courier option as it gives me the option to pay for express shipping £20, but no courier option yet?

      1. says: Ondela Funda

        Oh my gosh I’ve recently ordered there and then boom the customs😢😢like South Africa is killing us on this one tjooo. Close to 100% of the total value of the items… ASOS have beautiful stylish clothing…

  10. says: Jane

    Hi Meg, thank you for this post! I visited your site for the first time two weeks ago and I’m glad that I stumbled upon it before shopping online from overseas stores. After reading all the comments, I placed my first Asos order and I decided to use PostBox Courier. I received an email from PostBox Courier today that my parcel from Asos has arrived at their UK warehouse (about 1 week to get from Asos to the UK Warehouse in Berkshire). Four items weighed a bit more than I expected for a single dress and three tops (cost R478 for shipping). Looking forward to receiving my Asos goodies though and thankful that I won’t have to deal with the post office! Thanks so much for sharing your experience shopping Asos – I wouldn’t have decided to take the plunge otherwise!

    1. Hi Jane,
      So happy I could help!
      Postbox Courier is pricey, but apparently they are the best of the best.
      I did look into using other couriers but apparently Postbox gets here the quickest with the least hastle (but you pay for it).
      I actually bought a few items on Sunday evening and are trying out ASOS’s courier.
      So I’ll update my post and let you know how that goes too!
      Happy wearing awesome clothes 😀

    2. says: Vuvu

      Hi Meg

      Thank you for the informative post. Kindly assist .

      I place an order on the 14th of April and I chose the regular post route.No tracking number was supplied.

      My question now is: Do I now just chill and wait for the collection receipt from the post office?

  11. says: Pelonomi

    Hi everyone! I just made my first international purchase with ASOS today! My excitement has utterly hanged after reading all these reviews I may try cancel my order if I can. Not encouraging to buy from them even though they have stunning clothes ☹️

    1. Hi Pelonomi,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your experience.
      As someone who has bought from ASOS a number of times, I’d recommend you keep your order.
      The issue’s not with ASOS, it’s with the SA postal service.
      Your package will leave the UK within 2 weeks (you can track that on their site).
      The issue comes when it gets to Africa! But the clothes are awesome and I think you’ll be happy
      when it arrives in 3 months time. I know it’s a long time to wait, but for me, it’s totally worth it!
      Best of luck and let us know what you decide to do 🙂

  12. says: Brigitte

    Hi , so I orderd pants from asos in january , just to check them out , i have not recieved anything yet , but i gather from all the comments it will take a while , so i went on to the site “ post box” that you suggested and registerd , hoe long does it take for the package to get here if i use their adress that they give? And then ship it to SA?

    1. Hi Brigitte,
      You would have to have had ASOS deliver your parcel directly to Postbox Courier.
      Otherwise how will you stop the package from where ever it is right now?
      I think you’re stuck in snail mail until further notice 🙁
      But, perhaps, next time you can use Postbox Courier 🙂

        1. Sometimes 4 working days, sometimes 6 working days.
          It arrives there (day 1), then you have to pay for it (day 2/3/4 – or however long it takes).
          Then it arrives at customs in South Africa and gets processed (say that’s 2 days) and then it takes about 2 days to
          get to your door after you’ve paid your custom fees 🙂

        2. says: Lauren Boni

          Hi Meg, I’m wanting to buy something off of ASOS and send it to Postbox Couriers as I can use a £20 off code if it’s being delivered within the UK. It’s a pricey item, £169 and £149 after the discount code. Would it be fine to just buy a gift voucher of £150? Just really dont want to mess this up as its pricey!

          Thanks in advance!

  13. says: Andile

    Has anyone received their ASOS orders after their 3 month wait? Because I order last year December & arrival was early Jan still waiting because this page has restored my faith…Im in Durban.

  14. says: Talia Moodley

    Hi, I just ordered from ASOS recently in Dec 2018. I am reading all the comments and I have come to terms with a 3-4 month wait, since I made the mistake of using the silly post office. However this is my first international order and I would like to know how exactly customs works in terms of you finding out the amount. How does SARS contact you to let you know how much you will need to pay? Thank you XX

    1. Hi Talia,
      So the post office will send you a slip saying you need to collect your parcel.
      On that slip they will put a monetary value and will let you know how much to pay.
      When you collect your package at the post office, you will pay it then and there 🙂

    2. says: Thembeka Matiya


      I ordered in early November and haven’t received my parcel yet. Have you received your parcel? I’m based in Cape Town.

  15. says: cecy

    I also order items from them last year November and Delivery was scheduled for 18 December 2018. I still haven’t received my parcels. Post office cannot help without the tracking number. Asos also cannot provide a tracking number. It’s quite frustrating. I was really looking forward to receiving those items before xmas. I will wait for 3 months. Seems like all International parcels take the same amount of time, i.e. 3 months, the frustrating part is not knowing if you will get your parcel or not since it is untraceable.

    1. I know Cecy, it’s insane!
      What drives me mad is that we have a country with desperate unemployment yet the SA Post Office
      can’t seem to use common sense, hire a BUNCH of people, train them and offer a decent service.
      Us locals are so sick of their pathetic service! If they gave us our faith back, everyone
      would stop using couriers and actually support the business.
      The more support, the more money, the more jobs, the better for everyone!
      It’s ridiculous! I use a courier and it costs an absolute arm and a leg! Crazy!

      1. says: Khaya

        Hi Meg.
        I just placed an order there over an hour ago, and after reading here and seeing that it might take up to 3 months, I rushed to cancel but I was too late(but I’m still trying to contact them) . They say it will be here before 19 Nov(standard delivery). Thing is, I won’t be at the address I entered after the 19th until mid Jan, from your experience do you think that would be in time for the delivery?

        1. Hi Khaya,
          Apologies for the delay – month end swampness!
          So it will take 3 months to arrive if you picked the regular post, however, the post office will keep it for you.
          This is because you will have to pay custom tax on the parcel, which you do at the post office.
          So I reckon it will arrive there sometime around the 1st of Feb so you should be good! 🙂

    1. Yes you do Grace. And I just made a mistake on mine and SARS slapped me with a R500 fine.
      This resulted in me paying DOUBLE that value of the package for the shipping and fine *crying face*
      So be honest on the slip so that SARS doesn’t nail you 🙁

  16. says: Smurfie

    I would love to find more UK websites that ships for free to South Africa. Asos can learn from Next Direct. Over R400 and shipping is free, under R500 and no customs. They use SkyNet. I order on a Monday and it’s here by my door on the Friday. Snail mail would make me a bit too nervous.

    1. Hi Smurfie!
      Thanks for this useful tip.
      I tested the “if it’s under R500 then you don’t pay customs” rumour and I was STILL charged to bring in the dress!
      It was from ASOS, was snail mail and only cost R350. Cost me R500 in the end, maybe more.
      My other friend bought 2 hoodies, both for $20 from the USA.
      She was charged R230 and R65!!! She’s queried it but it proves how customs just makes it up.
      Next thought – can’t you get NEXT in South Africa? At Foshini I thought so curious that you
      enjoy shopping there. What do you like to buy? 🙂

  17. says: Thembeka Matiya

    I ordered something from Asos two months ago and I still haven’t received it. I’m told that the parcel has no tracking on it. I went to the Post Office and I was told that I need a tracking number. They keep asking me to be patient and wait but I made this order on the 23 Nov, 2018 and it was dispatched on the 02/12 /2018 and the expected delivery date was the 18/12/2018. Please Help! What can I do now?

    1. Hi Thembeka,
      Thanks for stopping by, sorry that you’re worried.
      As per my post, it took mine 3 months. So I wouldn’t worry until you hit the 3 month mark.
      It takes about 5 days to leave the UK and nearly 3 months to be processed by customs and the post office here.
      It’s INSANELY slow and RIDICULOUS than employment is such an issue in this country but they (seemingly) have no
      people to help hurry up the post!!!
      So I’d wait for a maximum of 4 months (3 is normal to wait, 1 for luck) and then if you don’t hear anything, write it off
      or contact the post office again.
      Good luck – and let me know when it arrives!!! Meg 🙂

  18. says: Zweli

    Hey my name is Zweli I recently just bought my items like 18 days ago I just want to know although you waited 3 months did you recieve your parcel because I don’t mind waiting the only problem I bought quite a few items that costed some money and I don’t want the misfortune of not getting them, as well what do I tell the post office if I don’t have a tracking number either.

    1. says: Talia Moodley

      Have you received your package yet, Zweli? I’ve recently ordered online from ASOS and want to have a guestimate of what I can be expecting 🙂

  19. says: Saniez

    Hi i just wanted to say thanks alot about your blog it really helpful, i also shop there but not all the time their style is very unique nd when it comes to sizes spotom👍

    1. Morning Saniez!
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words.
      I’m so glad I could assist you.
      When you order, do you use regular mail or a courier?
      Would be great to hear more about your experience in receiving the clothes (how long it takes).
      Meg 🙂

  20. says: chris

    Hi,also bought a dress from asos I selected the standard delivery. It was supposedto be delivered on the 11th of October 2018, i have not received anything yet. I contacted their customer services and chatted with their consultants who told me to wait until the 31st of october 2018. I asked them what will happen if i never revceive the item and they were reluctant to give me answer. have you ever had an experience similar to this? does standard delivery mean it will be delivered by the south african post office(snail mail)? was really looking forward to rocking my dress at a wedding this weekend..

    1. Hi Chris,
      It will take 2 weeks to leave the UK and 2 months to get here.
      I doubt you will have it by this weekend.
      Once it leaves the UK it takes like 2 months to be processed in South Africa.
      It took me 3 months for mine to leave the UK and arrive in my postbox.
      The SA postal service is absolutely useless, hence why I use a courier.
      You will get it, but probably only in December 🙁

  21. says: Paulina

    Hi Meg, i so excited to learn that there is a possibility to order clothes from ASOS here in SA!! I bought a lot of clothes from ASOS in a Pretoria from a shop called DMF, they stock a lot of international brands which are AMAZING!!! Unfortunately the shop changed all of a sudden its difficult to get ASOS from them.

    Thanks so much for the blog!!! I also want to find out if you know about the clothing line called COS they are from Europe i use to buy them at the same shop they are BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING.


    1. Whoohoo! So glad to find another ASOS fan!
      What a pity about the store closing Paulina 🙁
      But give Postbox Courier a go.
      The ASOS clothes are so cheap that by then time you’ve paid for the courier, the costs equalise to what they woulda cost in SA anyway.
      Except the quality is always way better and the styles more modern and rad.
      Let me know if you give them a go! 🙂

  22. says: zee

    I wouldn’t advise anyone to shop on their site. I was supposed to receive my order on the 15th of August and today is the 3rd of September. and their customer service is crap

    1. Hi Zee,
      It’s the South African post office that has your parcel, not ASOS.
      It takes about 5 working days to leave the UK (if you log into you account you’ll see when it left England).
      It’s the SA post office that hasn’t processed your package yet, hence why I recommend courier.
      I love ASOS, been shopping on it for 5 years and the only time I’ve had an issue was when I used snail mail.
      The SA post office is totally useless, but it will come – eventually…

  23. says: suzi

    Hi Meg/Sakienah/Ashleigh

    In lieu with SAKIENAH’s mail, I have the same problem. My parcel was supposed to arrived on the 29/8/2018 already. My local post office require a tracking number which ASOS did not provide.
    Please advise me whether they provided you with a Tracking number when ordering?

    1. Hey Suzi,
      I don’t think ASOS can provide a tracking number for the South African post office.
      They have a tracking number for the country in their control (England).
      Then once it gets to South Africa, the South African post office has to process it.
      They’re absolutely useless though which is why I use a courier.
      (When I used them it took them 2.5 months to get my stuff to me once it had left the UK! PATHETIC!)
      PS If you log into your ASOS account, the tracking number will be in there (for the UK only as that’s all they can control).

  24. says: Sakienah

    Hi, how did you manage to track your order once it reached South Africa. My expected delivery date was 28/08/2018. I’m still waiting for my order. I messaged ASOS and according to their tracker, it reached the designated country. Yet, today 30/08/2018 I heard nothing of any of my orders from them.

    1. Hi Sakienah,
      Did you use a courier or old school post?
      It takes about a week to reach SA on snail mail, but then like 2 months for the post office to process it!
      If you did it via Postbox Courier, they usually take about a week to get it to you.

    2. says: Leonard Manganyi

      Hi Meg
      I ordered from ASOS month end of April and the parcel arrived at the post office on the 22nd of July. The Customs has overcharged me, not sure whether it’s a typing error or nah, they wanted R62052.00. I told the cashier at SAPO that I won’t pay that because the things I bought were for R1500.00, so they returned the parcel for reassessment but it’s been stuck in-transit. Do you think I’ll ever get my parcel and will they have rectified their mistake by then?

  25. says: Ashleigh

    I’ve ordered from Asos once. Bought a dress for myself and sunnies for husband. The dress was way too big (like double my size)! I compensated for size because l didn’t want for it to be small. I will definitely use a sizing chart next time.


    Do you feel like you need to buy a certain amount of clothing per shipping in order for the fees to be worth it? Like at least five items or so?

    1. Hi Ashleigh,

      I was lucky as I had shopped in the UK before, at Primark and various other places, so I know my size.
      So I literally just checked the labels on those tops and bought the same. I would NOT use H&M as sizing comparison though as their sizes are whack.

      In terms of making the shipping worth while, yes. I wouldn’t ever buy just 1 item (unless it was like a big coat and was going to weigh a lot).
      It’s really the weight that dictates the customs as well, so I do usually buy 3 – 6 items to make it worth the shipping and customs.
      Sometimes I don’t get charged any customs so it’s a bit tricky to know, but yes, buy 3 – 5 items to make it worth your while 🙂