How To Order ASOS in South Africa

If you’ve been watching my InstaStories of late, you will know that I’m obsessed with ASOS and have been for about 5 years! I absolutely love their clothes because they fit my style perfectly and make me feel happy! The items I buy the most of are dresses and tops.

What the Hell is ASOS?

ASOS is an e-comm store that aggregates the best of high street fashion while offering their own ranges in “normal”, tall, petite, maternity, plus size and more. They offer big brands like BooHoo and Adidas as well as their in-house brand, ASOS.

3 Reasons Why ASOS is Better Than Local Shopping

  1. Inclusive. I feel like South Africa has a serious issue with ageism when it comes to shopping. You shop at Mr Price as a kid, YDE until you’re 25, Woolworths until you’re 40 then Queen’s Park until you die. WHY?!
  2. Sizing. To answer my own question – sizing. When you’re over a size 12 your clothes immediately become boring, frumpy and DULL in South Africa. I’ve NEVER been able to shop at stores like The Lot and it’s been a decade since I could fit into anything at YDE.
  3. Unique. If you shop at Mr Price, Edgars or H&M you are GUARANTEED to be at a party with someone else wearing the same outfit. ARG! All hail to ASOS, the shop that allows us to all be unique.

Our audience (AKA you) is wonderfully unique. And we do everything we can to help you find your fit, offering our ASOS Brands in more than 30 sizes – and we’re committed to providing all sizes at the same price – so you can be confident we’ve got the perfect thing for you. – ASOS

How To Get Bargains on ASOS

Shopping in the great British pound ain’t cheap. Except it is on ASOS! They have MASSIVE savings ALL the time, with items up to 70% off! Here’s how I get huge savings on the fashion site:

  1. Go to Outlet (this is their sale section).
  2. Sort by price first so you get the lowest prices.
  3. Sort by size or colour to shape the results – they have TONS of stuff!
  4. Preview the clothes to see them in “motion”.
  5. Add to Bag if you like or keep shopping for more!

Happy shopping! Watch below how I navigate the site:

How To Get ASOS Clothes to South Africa

Snail Mail.

I’ve used snail mail in the past. I bought 1 dress and sent it to my London office. On the same day, I bought 1 dress and sent it to South Africa. This was to test the “If you shop for less than R500 then you won’t pay customs” urban legend.

It took 3 days for the clothes to reach the London office. It took 3 MONTHS for the clothes to reach South Africa. Snail mail is the cheapest option but it literally takes over 2 months. It works, but expect it to be extremely slow.


I use a service called Postbox Courier. Unlike Aramex, it is NOT a monthly subscription service, which I like. I don’t want to pay a monthly sub for something I use twice a year.

Postbox Courier will give you a postbox address in the UK. The clothes will then be sent there for them to collect and then ship to your front door (or whatever address you give) within 2 weeks. Sometimes ASOS takes a few days to fill your order, then it takes a few days to get to South Africa, then it takes a few days to get from the harbour to your door.

Does a Courier Save You Money?

Using a courier can save you money. For example. you need to spend $60 to get free international shipping on Kylie Cosmetics, but you only need to spend $40 to get free local shipping. So in that instance, I will only spend $40, get it sent to my American post box and that’ll indirectly save me $20, which I then rather use to cover the cost of the shipping.

Payment Issues on ASOS

Sometimes, when you put your credit card details into ASOS, it doesn’t like the fact that your credit card address (probably your home address) differs from the Postbox Courier address. To get around this, just buy yourself a gift voucher on the ASOS site. This is sent to you, usually, within 15 minutes. When you check out, you simply put the voucher number in and pay that way. That way, they have already charged your credit card and because vouchers are digital (e-mailed to you), the address doesn’t matter.

Paying With PayPal

I prefer to pay with PayPal if I have money in the account. For example, I’ve done blog posts in the past and been paid via PayPal. I just leave the money in the account and then use it for international shopping. It saves you on the exchange rate.

What Fees Should You Expect

There are 3 main types of fees to expect:

  1. Shipping Fees – Usually this is free if you spend over a certain amount of money.
  2. Custom Fees – This is the cost that you have to pay for shopping for apparel from outside the country.
  3. Courier Fees – This is the actual cost of having the courier work for you.

Most of the time I haven’t been charged custom fees, for some reason. Sometimes I have to pay, sometimes I don’t. I think it comes down to who is working that day and how big the parcel is. The last “shipment” I got was nearly 2kgs so I had to pay for the customs there.

Custom Fees

Whether you use snail mail or courier, you will need to pay custom fees. This sucks. So when I’m shopping on ASOS I basically double the price. If the dress costs R100, then I’ll expect to pay R200 in total. This gives me a more realistic idea of what it will cost to actually get to my front door.

Courier Fees

Currently, 1 kg of clothes cost £19 (R360), 2 kgs cost £27 (R500), 3 kgs cost £35 (R660). This sounds expensive but 1kg is quite a lot if you’re only buying tops or light dresses!

It’s Expensive, Why Bother?

Yes, sometimes it can be pricey. But, quite frankly, I’m stick to death of shopping in South Africa and feeling ugly and excluded. I’d rather pay a bit more and have epic clothes that no one else has, than constantly wear old, frumpy items just because the South African retail market can’t cater to all body types!

I also love the quality. The quality of these “cheap” clothing items is ten times better than Mr Price or Pick n Pay. And while I do get the odd items there, anytime I get something from ASOS it fits, I feel great and I don’t have to apologise for being tall and curvy!

I only shop on sale. My new navy dress was about £20 off! It’s an AMAZING dress and if I’d bought it for full price, it would have cost me the same either way! It’s a lot cheaper to shop and ship it here than buying a plane ticket to England and get it there!

My ASOS Orders and Huge Savings

I’ve been ordering ASOS to South Africa for a few years, here are some of the biggest savings I’ve landed to date:


I absolutely love shopping on ASOS. If you’re stuck about what size you are, I’m a 16 top and 18 bottom. That’s a large top and extra large bottom (I’m 5’10”, 173 centimeters and usually wear a 36-38 top). If you’ve bought ANY clothing from the UK, check the label and be honest about whether you need a larger or small size.

I’m disciplined about not buying a design I LOVE if I KNOW a 16 isn’t there (my size). Don’t waste money shipping things out if you know that it probably won’t fit. There are so many amazing items on the site; happy shopping!

If you have any further queries, feel free to leave them in a comment section below 🙂


  • Zweli says:

    Hey my name is Zweli I recently just bought my items like 18 days ago I just want to know although you waited 3 months did you recieve your parcel because I don’t mind waiting the only problem I bought quite a few items that costed some money and I don’t want the misfortune of not getting them, as well what do I tell the post office if I don’t have a tracking number either.

  • Saniez says:

    Hi i just wanted to say thanks alot about your blog it really helpful, i also shop there but not all the time their style is very unique nd when it comes to sizes spotom👍

    • Morning Saniez!
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words.
      I’m so glad I could assist you.
      When you order, do you use regular mail or a courier?
      Would be great to hear more about your experience in receiving the clothes (how long it takes).
      Meg 🙂

  • chris says:

    Hi,also bought a dress from asos I selected the standard delivery. It was supposedto be delivered on the 11th of October 2018, i have not received anything yet. I contacted their customer services and chatted with their consultants who told me to wait until the 31st of october 2018. I asked them what will happen if i never revceive the item and they were reluctant to give me answer. have you ever had an experience similar to this? does standard delivery mean it will be delivered by the south african post office(snail mail)? was really looking forward to rocking my dress at a wedding this weekend..

    • Hi Chris,
      It will take 2 weeks to leave the UK and 2 months to get here.
      I doubt you will have it by this weekend.
      Once it leaves the UK it takes like 2 months to be processed in South Africa.
      It took me 3 months for mine to leave the UK and arrive in my postbox.
      The SA postal service is absolutely useless, hence why I use a courier.
      You will get it, but probably only in December 🙁

  • Paulina says:

    Hi Meg, i so excited to learn that there is a possibility to order clothes from ASOS here in SA!! I bought a lot of clothes from ASOS in a Pretoria from a shop called DMF, they stock a lot of international brands which are AMAZING!!! Unfortunately the shop changed all of a sudden its difficult to get ASOS from them.

    Thanks so much for the blog!!! I also want to find out if you know about the clothing line called COS they are from Europe i use to buy them at the same shop they are BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING.


    • Whoohoo! So glad to find another ASOS fan!
      What a pity about the store closing Paulina 🙁
      But give Postbox Courier a go.
      The ASOS clothes are so cheap that by then time you’ve paid for the courier, the costs equalise to what they woulda cost in SA anyway.
      Except the quality is always way better and the styles more modern and rad.
      Let me know if you give them a go! 🙂

  • zee says:

    I wouldn’t advise anyone to shop on their site. I was supposed to receive my order on the 15th of August and today is the 3rd of September. and their customer service is crap

    • Hi Zee,
      It’s the South African post office that has your parcel, not ASOS.
      It takes about 5 working days to leave the UK (if you log into you account you’ll see when it left England).
      It’s the SA post office that hasn’t processed your package yet, hence why I recommend courier.
      I love ASOS, been shopping on it for 5 years and the only time I’ve had an issue was when I used snail mail.
      The SA post office is totally useless, but it will come – eventually…

  • suzi says:

    Hi Meg/Sakienah/Ashleigh

    In lieu with SAKIENAH’s mail, I have the same problem. My parcel was supposed to arrived on the 29/8/2018 already. My local post office require a tracking number which ASOS did not provide.
    Please advise me whether they provided you with a Tracking number when ordering?

    • Hey Suzi,
      I don’t think ASOS can provide a tracking number for the South African post office.
      They have a tracking number for the country in their control (England).
      Then once it gets to South Africa, the South African post office has to process it.
      They’re absolutely useless though which is why I use a courier.
      (When I used them it took them 2.5 months to get my stuff to me once it had left the UK! PATHETIC!)
      PS If you log into your ASOS account, the tracking number will be in there (for the UK only as that’s all they can control).

  • Sakienah says:

    Hi, how did you manage to track your order once it reached South Africa. My expected delivery date was 28/08/2018. I’m still waiting for my order. I messaged ASOS and according to their tracker, it reached the designated country. Yet, today 30/08/2018 I heard nothing of any of my orders from them.

    • Hi Sakienah,
      Did you use a courier or old school post?
      It takes about a week to reach SA on snail mail, but then like 2 months for the post office to process it!
      If you did it via Postbox Courier, they usually take about a week to get it to you.

  • Ashleigh says:

    I’ve ordered from Asos once. Bought a dress for myself and sunnies for husband. The dress was way too big (like double my size)! I compensated for size because l didn’t want for it to be small. I will definitely use a sizing chart next time.


    Do you feel like you need to buy a certain amount of clothing per shipping in order for the fees to be worth it? Like at least five items or so?

    • Hi Ashleigh,

      I was lucky as I had shopped in the UK before, at Primark and various other places, so I know my size.
      So I literally just checked the labels on those tops and bought the same. I would NOT use H&M as sizing comparison though as their sizes are whack.

      In terms of making the shipping worth while, yes. I wouldn’t ever buy just 1 item (unless it was like a big coat and was going to weigh a lot).
      It’s really the weight that dictates the customs as well, so I do usually buy 3 – 6 items to make it worth the shipping and customs.
      Sometimes I don’t get charged any customs so it’s a bit tricky to know, but yes, buy 3 – 5 items to make it worth your while 🙂

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