How To Order Kylie Cosmetics in South Africa

Having been a big #KarJenner fan for years I’m used to getting a lot of backlash about liking them. But when I posted my little collection of Kylie Cosmetics on my InstaStories a few weeks ago, I was quite surprised as to how much interest it sparked.

So I figured I’d share how I buy Kylie Cosmetics and how to get it to South Africa.

How To Get Kylie Cosmetics To South Africa

Unfortunately, South Africa has been removed from the delivery list on the Kylie Cosmetics website. I have never tried to use “snail mail” to order and will continue to use a courier service. Here’s how:

Step 1: Kylie Cosmetics

Head to the Kylie Cosmetics website and consider what you’d like to buy. Remember, she wears a lot of self tan so try to be realistic about colours that will suit you. For example, here are Kylie Cosmetics matte liquid lipsticks for pale skin, which work really well for me because I’m super white!

Step 2: Postbox Courier

I use a service called Postbox Courier. Kylie Cosmetics will ship my order to my postbox in New York and the courier service will pick it up and ship it to South Africa.

They will bill you for the courier fee so you know how much to pay there. On average I would say it’s about $30, but it’s done on weight so I can’t tell you how much it will cost you because I don’t know how much you will order.

You will pay for the courier service before the ship it to South Africa. This way they can return it if you reject their fee (to my assumption, I’ve never returned anything).

Tip: Go to the Kylie site and look under the product description for the weight of each object so you get an idea of what it will cost. Then get a quote from the Post Box Courier website as a ball park figure.

Disclaimer: I used a gift voucher to buy products so I only put the value as R300 as that’s what it cost me to ship it to South Africa. I was then fined R500 for not listing the true value. Postbox Courier paid the fine – but without my permission! So I was forced to accept the package! So, be warned, put the total value on the package in order to avoid fines.

Step 3: Arriving in South Africa

Postbox Courier will notify you that your package has arrived in South Africa and that you will need to pay for the custom fees. Again, this depends on HOW MUCH YOU ORDER. This is why it’s difficult for someone to give you a ballpark figure, because it’s cost dependent.

Step 4: Customs and Duty Fees

Unfortunately, import tax isn’t an exact science because it depends on how much you order (cost) and from which country (UK is cheaper than USA). But, generally, the cost is OK.

What IS expensive is the courier getting it to South Africa. Here are all the fees I’ve paid to date:

  • Cost of the products – you determine that. (Kylie Cosmetics purchases.)
  • Cost of the courier – This is weight dependent so lies on how much you order and what.
  • Customs Clearance fee – R125.00 (This has been the same on every order.)
  • Import Vat – I have no idea how this is determined. (If you want to figure it out, start here and let me know how you go!)
  • Import Duty – Only clothing only.
  • Disbursement – Only clothing only.

South Africa has hefty fees on imports as they’re trying to protect the local industry (not exactly sure what that local industry is, but ok).

My previous orders:

I couldn’t find all the receipts, only 3, however, on another site I bought hot sauce and I wasn’t charged Import Duty nor Disbusment (don’t even know what that means) so there are different rules for clothes.

The R1287.92 included a R500 fine 🙁

Whatever you buy, expect to pay at least 60% again. So if you spend $100 on Kylie, expect to pat $160 in the end. That’s pretty much how I look at it so that I have some kind of costing.

Step 5: Your House

Once you’ve paid your customs, postbox courier will ensure it gets to your house or work within, I’d say, roughly 7 working days. Sometimes it takes 2 days, sometimes it’s a Thursday and you’ll only get it on the Tuesday. I guess it depends on the day of the week it all goes down.

How To Pay For Kylie Cosmetics from South Africa

Most international website require your billing and postal address to match upon first purchase. In order get around this, I recommend putting the items in your basket so you can see your total.

Then buy a gift voucher from the site so that you get a code. So if your purchase is $55, buy 2 x $25 vouchers, use them and then pay $5 on your credit card. The site seems to be happy with small amounts – even if the delivery and card addresses don’t match (they only block larger amounts).

How Long Does It Take?

I found the longest wait is actually between ordering and the Kylie operations centre fulfilling the order. It’s improved in recent times as I think they’ve grown their staff, but the first time I ordered I had to wait 3 weeks on the Kylie side for them to fulfill the order!

Then it will take 3 days max to get from Kylie to New York. It will then take 5 working days to get from NYC to Joburg. And then an average of 3 days to get from Joburg to your house – IF you pay your fees immediately. If it takes you 2 weeks to pay your fees, then you will wait longer.

Postbox Courier as a Service

The customer service at Postbox Courier is both good and bad. Good, because they get your items to you efficiently. Bad, because they NEVER respond to your follow up mails which can be frustrating, particularly when trying to track where your package is. But I’ve used them 4 times and they’ve delivered every time.

What Kylie Jenner Make Up to Buy?!

To Lip Kit or Not to Lip Lit?

I’ve bought 3 lip kits and I won’t bother again. The price difference is too much for the value; meaning I don’t feel I need the lip pencils and would rather have more glosses or lipsticks for the same value.

If you do want to try a lip kit, be sure to buy it on a 241 offer. That way, you can buy 2 colours that you know will absolutely work for you and then the 3rd colour (if you’re not too sure about), for free.

Kylie Cosmetic Glosses or Matt Liquid Lipsticks?

I’m not a massive gloss fan as your hair always sticks to it! But I really do like the Kylie tinted glosses and tend to wear them during the day when I need a colour to go over my foundation. The colours are richer and work nicely on top of a regular matte lipstick as well.

How are the Kylighters (Highlighters)?

I LOVE the Kylighters that I’ve bought! I have Strawberry Shortcake and Salted Caramel and they both rock! Glow baby for life, whoop!

Should You Buy Real or Fake Kylie Cosmetics?

I’m just one of those people who doesn’t feel like buying fake has any point. You’re buying a fake to be a part of a culture – except you’re not. The product didn’t come from the brand, the factory or the services that deliver it in any way. So buying fakes really is pointless.

This is also why I buy directly from brand websites as I don’t trust third parties. I’m not saying there aren’t ANY good third party sellers out there, but if Kylie wanted her products sold via third party, she would have hurried up with the distribution AGES ago. #UltaBeauty

It also costs the same to buy the products directly (with customs and tax) as it does to buy from a third party seller, so why not enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your product is authentic?

Good luck shopping on site! You’re going to need it because it is ADDICTIVE!



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