Surviving Road Trips with Skin Clays

I’ve been on a mission lately. Last weekend my friend and I went to Farhills in Wilderness for a wedding. We stopped along the way and took in the beautiful South African country side. It was great to be out on the road at such a quite time of year. Usually long weekends = mad traffic. Not this time. We stopped off for roosterkoek at Oudepost, popped into Vic Bay early on Sunday morning and enjoyed seeing all the animals along the road – albe-them farm animals.

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When I got home I was really tired as I had to drive both ways due to my friend’s vision being compromised from having pink eye. While the trip was pleasant, it was quite a way to go and I was “over it” by the time I got in. I remembered that my work friend had given me some Skin Clays to try out and this seemed like the perfect time. There’s nothing better than scrubbing off that 6-hours-on-the-road feeling.

IMG_4506Skin Clays

From the moment I opened the Skin Clays tub the aroma was fresh and delicious. I say delicious as there is a hint of lemongrass in it, which was fresh and…delicious! I placed the grainy texture on my forearm and rubbed it in. There are granules that dissolve and moisturise, while the black clay particles exfoliate your skin gently. It leaves a slightly oily finish and I hesitate to use the word “oily” as I don’t like oil on my skin, but this is light enough to feel moisturising and not sticky. It washes off really easily as well.

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This past weekend I was on the road again as I went to Johannesburg for a party on Saturday night. After going in a LITTLE too hard, I was feeling like absolute horse poop yesterday and couldn’t wait to get home. When I got in, first thing I did was run a bath and gently scrub off the sins from Saturday night with the Skin Clays. It’s exactly what every girl needs after a long day at work or on the road.


Because Skin Clays wants you to relax and feel your best, they’re giving you the opportunity to win a Skin Clays hamper consisting of a Healing African Clay Night Balm –50ml, Scrub- 250g (either Balancing Beige Clay, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang & CoconutDetoxifying Green Clay, Lemongrass & Juniper or Hydrating Rose Clay, Rose Geranium & Lemon Verbena) and a Hydrating Rose Clay Face Mask – 100ml valued at R200.

All you need to do is:

Please read competition T’s & C’s under the WIN tab on the home page. Good luck!

Skin Clays is available at Wellness Warehouse Lifestyle on Kloof and will be on exhibition at the Health & Beauty Expo in Tygervalley Shopping Centre from 26 – 29 March.


  • Emy says:

    I am a working mom, who juggles home and work and never gets a chance to pamper myself……

  • Cornell Botha says:

    Working with 32 little kids every day makes me need a good pamper!
    Following both accounts on Twitter
    Shared and retweeted on Facebook and Twitter!!

  • Nicolette says:

    Full time employed, part-time student with a very active social life as well. So many late nights & quick showers without proper pampering 🙂

  • Melissa Church says:

    Working shifts and long hours definitely leaves me and my skin really tired. Would be a great win.

  • Susann McCarthy says:

    I am an outdoorsy person that sometimes just push myself to far hiking or cycling and a pampering afterwards would be great.

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